Monday, November 16, 2009

Wharton and Rajo!

Rajo Laurel did it again! This guy is unstoppable! He is becoming the counterpart of Sharon Cuneta in terms of endorsements!

This time, it is men's wear by Wharton! His collection is aptly named W by Rajo and it showcases cool men's clothing that exudes style with details that makes the wearer stand out.

There was a small celebration last week at ESTABLISHMENT to welcome Rajo to the Wharton world.

Nix Alanon

Jigs Hermano

The men who wore W that evening.

Venisse Laurel Hermano.

Mai Kaufman.

I couldn't help but pick Alexa up in her couture cocktail dress while she plays with my marbles! Adorable!

My jewels of the evening.


Anonymous said...

That baby has more social life than me!

Mrs. Jackie T. (thebaghag wannabe) said...

Hey where's the Establishment? (Sorry, clueless talaga coz I have no life hahaha) Is it ok to bring my kids there ba for dinners? And nice baubles eh :D You always have seriously droolworthy bling!

candifier said...

It's in Fort next to Members Only. And NO, it's in Taguig so smoking is allowed inside. You should talk about bling...look at your collection!

Joel said...

My cousin Marilen is the one who did this event. Next time, ask for her and introduce yourself. You'll like each other.