Friday, May 27, 2016

Royal Mansour, Marrakech.

This post is just about the LOBBY of The Royal Mansour. I feel that it's beauty deserves its solo post. I am sure by the time you finish scrolling down, you would agree with me. 

For me, my trip to Morocco last October was about seeing the different hotels in the city, which I love to do. My eyes could not have enough of the intricate details, the extravagance and glamour of the different hotels we checked out. 

Royal Mansour is on top of my list, along with Mandarin Oriental, Four Seasons and La Mamounia. 

Enough talk, let me show you. 

The entrance is simple and classic Moroccan. 

But when you enter, this paradise awaits. 

As you walk along the side of the lobby, you will see little rooms which are decorated so beautifully. 

The hallways are different from one another. 

The chandeliers are to die for. 

I swear I want one of these. 

This is the concierge. I know right?????? 

At the end, you will enter the Lobby bar. The details on the pillars and arch!!!

I believe this is the entrance to the toilets. Imagine that. 

Stay tuned for more of my Moroccan trip. 

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Meeting Chef Nobu Matsuhisa.

So here I was, late for the press lunch and conference with THE Chef Nobu Matsuhisa in City of Dreams. I was able to catch the last 5 minutes of the Q and A but was lucky enough to have a photo taken with him. 

Chef Nobu is NOT only a highly acclaimed and influential chef proprietor of Nobu and Matsuhisa restaurants all over the globe, he is also a very gentle and kind man that loves nothing but to share a sake with friends and to laugh. 

Nobu was born in Saitama, Japan, the son of a lumber merchant who died in a traffic accident when the future chef was just seven years old. He traces the beginnings of his profession ambition to the day his older brother took him to a sushi restaurant for the first time. Young Nobu found himself fascinated by everything about the environment. It was at this time he knew he was destined for a career in the kitchen. 

Fast forward to 1978 when he went to Los Angeles on the advice of a friend. He took a job at a sushi bar, working and using his income to make good on his commitments. No less than nine years later, after earning his way back to solvency, Nobu opened his own restaurant Matsuhisa in Beverly Hills in 1987. 

The Nobu Hotel at City of Dreams marks the entry of the internationally acclaimed Nobu Hospitality into Asia. Inspired by the world-renowned Japanese culinary genius Chef Nobu Matsuhisa and championed by Academy award-winning actor Robert de Niro and Hollywood producer Meir Teper, the 321-room trendsetting boutique Nobu

Hotel will deliver a thrilling, celebrity-inspired and fun-luxury experience. 

Here's my one on one with Chef Nobu. 

I am such a fan. 

Thank you so much to City of Dreams, specially to Charisse Chuidian for this opportunity and to Chef Nobu for being so generous with your time. 

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Thursday, May 26, 2016

Red Ginger at CoD.

I was late for a press event. We were asked to interview Chef Nobu Matsuhisa and I only made the photo op. I also couldn't make the invitation to try out the Brunch at Nobu. I thought my day would be a waste but my dearest Charisse Chudian invited me to lunch instead. Just me and her team at Red Ginger. I have been wanting to try this place but I find myself either in Tasting Room or Ruby Jack's when I am in City of Dreams. Alas, this was my chance to see why Red Ginger is the favorite restaurant of Chef William Mahi (aside from Tasting Room, of course). 

Since that day, I have been back twice to eat here. I absolutely love it. The flavors really come through with each bite. The portions are also quite hefty and for the price, it's very reasonable. 

Thank you Charisse for always making me feel special. 

Salt and Pepper Tofu

Rendang Spiced Freshwater King Prawns

Honey and Tamarind Glazed Pork Belly

Indonesian Style Angus Beef Cheek Rendang

The Peanut 
red roasted peanuts, vanilla ice cream, lime meringue and salted caramel peanut butter

Sorry, not sure what this is but as a dessert lover, I suggest The Peanut. 

I highly recommend Red Ginger. Just hope that service could be a little bit better. 

Stay tuned for my one on one with Chef Nobu. 

Vienna in One Day.

We were prepared to walk miles and miles in Vienna. Comfortable shoes, warm clothing and a huge appetite was what our hosts asked us to bring. 

From our place, we took the subway to a famous food and flea market. 

Here, we saw hundreds of food stalls that offered a wide variety of yumminess. 

There were cheese.....

...candies... dishes..


...stuffed peppers, dates, cheese wrapped in cured meat...


...pickles, and many more. 

For a moment, I thought that living in Vienna was very enticing, especially when I saw these....

..and more tulips.

It was 5 miles of Salcedo Market in steroids. The weather was perfect too and eating outdoors was the best thing you can ever do but our hosts took us to a very popular restaurant, Museum Cafe, which we truly enjoyed. 

 Jody schnitzelized it. 

Jacqui's HUGE burger. 

Beef consomme for me. 

After lunch, we walked around even more and stopped to say thanks inside St. Stephen's Cathedral. 

Much more walking to do and so many things to see and experience still. 

We stopped by another Easter Market. 

Sausages and ham galore!!

I had to try this. No one else wanted to try it because it looks like raw meat but actually, it's just pepperoni shaped into a pretzel. Nothing special really. 

We took a tram and headed to where all the government buildings were at. 

My favorite? The Mayor's office. 

At this point, we were all pretty tired so coffee and dessert was called for. 

 We had pancakes (I believe we call them crepes here) but Jody, the dessert expert, said that we have better crepes here in the Philippines. #itsmoresweetinthephilippines

To the lovely Nabicht Family, thank you again for the warm hospitality.