Friday, January 27, 2017

Greenery to Welcome 2017!

Jul B. Dizon Jewellery is holding a Color of the Year SALE from now until Jan. 30, 2017. 

GREEN is one of my favorite colors and I am just too excited about it. 

Here are some of the pieces that are now 25% off! 

Call me for details! 8864638

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

My Obsession with Make Up and Great Parties.

Bea sent me a few questions about my love for make up. Since she's a dear friend, I answered it the way I would if she and I were chatting. So of course, I put in some of my green humor in the answers only to find out that there would be no editing. As in zero so here's me sharing to the world my top make up picks and skincare regimen. 

Read the whole article HERE.

A few weeks later, I attended Tim Yap's birthday bash at Manila House where this photo happened. In my Instagram, a few comments were made about my supply may now be replenished. (You will only get it if you read the article.) 

Anyway, I want to greet Tim a very happy birthday and I wish you all the luck in the world, especially on your engagement to Javi! 

Photo by Tim Yap

Thank you Bea Ledesma for my outfit!
Bea Ledesma, Dennis Lustico

Also newly engaged, Anne Curtis. 

Robby Carmona, Ria Prieto and your bloggerina.

Ria Prieto, Tessa Valdez, Malu Gamboa and yours truly.

The winner of the costume party, Isabelle Daza, my lovely friend, Iza Calzado and me. 

Lovi Poe

Iza Calzado, Tim Yap and Ben Wintle.

The It Boys. 

Crush ng bayan, Anton del Rosario. 

Always love dressing you up with jewels. 

Happy Birthday Tim Yap! It was such a great party! 
Photo by Tim Yap

Monday, January 23, 2017

Made Nice Supper Club.

If you haven't yet, you are missing out. Made Nice Supper Club offers dishes that are truly delicious. Located in Legaspi Village, this restaurant is a casual venue for specialty foods such as foie gras, octopus, lamb, halibut and such. 


Loved this too! Good for sharing. 

Creamy and rich. Good for sharing. 

Super yummy. Order is for one person.

Oh, goodness..... so delicious.

Hit and miss. Some had a weird taste but some didn't. I enjoyed how tender and juicy it was. 

Very rich! Good enough for 4 people. 

Dennis and I ordered this HUGE rainbow cake for the birthday celebrants! It's our official favorite cake evahhh... 

Happy to be with the gang. 

Happy Birthday to these beautiful ladies!

Made Nice Supper Club
G/F PPI Bldg, 109 Esteban Street, Legaspi Village
0995 017 2482

Though not their fault, the restaurant does not have a toilet so guests have to use the communal bathroom located at the main entrance of the building. I have to tell you that it is gross. Flush doesn't work, there are no toilet seats, the floor is all wet and grime all over. To PPI Building, PLEASE do something about it and to Made Nice Supper Club, demand them to renovate the toilets YOUR guests are most likely to use. 

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Venice in September.

Here are my tips if planning a trip to Venice. 

1. Don't bring your kids that need a stroller. It is not wheel friendly. Don't wear heels. Stairs, miles of walking and cobbled steps await you. I pitied those struggling with their luggage, though you can hire a luggage carrier.

2. Gondola ride is about 80 euro but 8 people can fit so if you really want to ride in one, make friends with other tourists and share the fare!

3.  The weather was perfect when I went end of September. The sun was out but the wind was cool. Wear sunscreen and light clothing. Don't forget, rubber shoes or any footwear that's comfortable is a must. 

4. Shopping is fun! So many boutiques along the narrow streets. I bought my Ballin shoes at 50% off, plus tax refund. Not a bad deal. 

5. Take a taxi that goes around the island and take lots of photos. Venice is too beautiful and try to embed the images deeply into your mind. 

6. Visit the market and see what the locals are buying. Warning, it smells really fishy. 

7. Try to find time to visit Hotel Cipriani. They have their own taxi that will take you to their hotel for free. Rhoda and I had lunch there before going to the airport to leave for Paris. It was a very nice experience to be surrounded by such elegance. 

8. Surround yourself with good friends. Thank you Rhoda for being my tour guide. 

9. Try to be more aware of time. We were enjoying our meal too much that we didn't realize that we would be late for our flight if we take the tram so we had no choice but to take a private taxi straight to the airport. Bye bye 100 euro.  See you again Venice! I love you.

10. Go back.