Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Milanos and Parisian.

Got a hold of the look book 3 weeks before the launch and it was very hard not to share them with you but alas, it is now allowed.

I wore my MAIKO today. It's so comfy!!! 

Lucille wore her TAO and she said that the height (5 inches) does not bother her at all. She has been wearing it for 7 hours now. 

Cedric waited patiently for his size. 

Party peeps that support and love Rajo Laurel, Parisian and Milanos. 

Janina, Debbie and your bloggerina. 

Harley Sy is my new BFF, although I see him only once a year. We should do dinner again soon. Just make sure your cards are not expired because sa dami kong shoes na binili, you are treating! 

Japanese ba kamo yung inspiration ni Rajo for the shoes? Pwes!!!! Mag full-on Japanese attire!!!

Proof of their attendance and their love. Joey and Ian.

Marc and Cedric came to shop for Milanos!

Mikael Daez and JC Tiuseco shopped for shoes too!! 

Host, Mond Gutierrez did a great job in introducing the brand to the guests. 

Direk Robby Carmona, as usual wow'd us all with the show! 

Of course, Nix Alanon was there to help, support and entertain the guests of his love, Rajo. 

The winner is actually is this salesman. He was very patient and helpful that shopping was pleasant despite the hundreds of people clamoring for their sizes. Or maybe it was because I was sitting next to the Sy Family. HAHAHA. 

All lined up like soldiers in my room.

Congratulations Rajo. What an amazing collection!!!

Goody Girls!

Who doesn't love Goody? If you have hair, surely you are a Goody fan. Perhaps it may be a bit pricey compared to other brushes out there but Goody doesn't know fix your hair. It understands different types of hair AND even scalp. 

They have specialized brushes for thin, thick, curly, straight and however you want to style it. I particularly love the big roller brushes with ceramic base because I love to hair my hair blown dry with waves. 

The colors are so fun and it's a brand that you can be proud of.  With Goody, I am assured that it will last me and my daughters many years. 

During the Goody event a few weeks ago, they were being sold at 20% off!! 


Celebrity kids came to the event. It is quite obvious that their mothers trust only Goody for their girls' hair. 

Clara Magalona signs the board!

It's Julianna Gomez' turn. 

Best of friends, Julianna, Dani and Claudia and are certified Goody girls. 

Speakers of the day. Camille Co, who talked about putting up a blog, Divine Lee, taught aspiring models how to pose and walk like a pro and Alyanna Martinez informs everyone about different ways to style yourself. 

Alyanna signs the board!

My baby girl was called up to the stage to clarify things about styling oneself.

All in all, it was a great experience for girls (and a few boys) who want to get into the fashion world by blogging, looking great and by carrying yourself like a model (even if you aren't). 

It just shows that Goody cares not only for the physical looks of the new generation but also their possible career and self confidence. 

Congratulations GOODY!!!!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Bench Universe in Universal Proportions.

It was huge. REALLY HUGE. No, I am not talking about what's inside the Bench underwear the male models were wearing. I am referring to the whole production! 

Must have been more than 5,000 people screaming their lungs out for the men to show off more skin. I seriously think that straight men stayed away from this show and let their girlfriends and their gay BFF's handle this night without them. 

My favorite part was when a lit canoe came out of the ceiling with Enchong Dee in it. He then jumps out of the boat and "swims" to the floor. It was awesome. 

I have no words to say about Mr. Ben Chan. He just can't seem to stop pleasing BENCH fans by treating us to a magnificent show, Adam Levine and hopefully, if he listens to me, Chris Evans, Chris Pine and RYAN GOSLING. I am not asking for too much, am I??

I also took a few videos. I was so happy about where we sat because we were at eye level with the stage. Just wish I had brought my more awesome camera for this event. Clearer photos of the packages would be more interesting. Ooops, I meant details of the costumes....

Silly me. 

Now, don't ask me about who they are. I have no idea....

Enjoy the photos and video!

The main reason I wanted to watch is because of these two. Anthony and David Semarad. If my daughters didn't read my blog, I would say something nasty, but they do, plus all their classmates and even teachers. I have to practice censorship. ANG HIRAP ha!!!!

Mr. Ben Chan comes out and give Richard Gomez a hug. What an awesome show. 
Once again, thank you Lucy for not forgetting me. Love you. 

40 Designers, One Theme....BRIDE.


Congratulations to all the designers, LOOK magazine and Samsung for this successful event.