Monday, September 17, 2012

Adam before Becoming Adam Levine.

I have about 1 hour before I can actually lay my eyes on Adam Levine in person. Thanks to Visions and Expressions and Bench, a dream is going to become a reality.

Adam Levine is crazy ass hot. I mean CRAZY ASS HOT! I don't know a single woman in this country that does not want to have this done to her by Adam.

I know that they split up already but I still hate her for having this moment with him. Well, plenty moments I am sure, but nevertheless, I hate her.

But even Adam Levine had a past where in he was still human. A commoner just like us. He looked like the guys that I dated when I was studying in California. He looked almost like a geek to me that the football players would tease and bully. 

Don't panic ladies, this photo is for a shoot. But even with a bloody lip and bruises, he still so adorable. 

At one point, he even looked like an innocent and wholesome guy. Who would have thought he would be so bad, dirty and irresistible?

Not sure if I am loving the hairy upper lip action here but honestly, I would take this guy even if he had hair coming out of his ears!! 

Before all the tattoos, Adam Levine looked like a Mormon.

In this photo, I don't think his facial hair was coming out yet. But man those lips are yummy. 

I am sure that after tonight's meet and greet and Maroon 5's concert tomorrow, plenty of photos of his hotness will circulate (as if there's not enough online). But then again, you really can't have too much of Adam. He's the kind of guy that you can sit and stare at for the rest of your life. 

Hopefully, not just stare. 

So to end my pre-meeting of Adam, let me end this post by thanking Ben Chan of Bench for loving all those who support the brand by giving us a glimpse of heaven. Without you, I would never be able to check off my number 1 box in my bucket list. 

Stay tuned for more Adam Levine. 

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