Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Milanos and Parisian.

Got a hold of the look book 3 weeks before the launch and it was very hard not to share them with you but alas, it is now allowed.

I wore my MAIKO today. It's so comfy!!! 

Lucille wore her TAO and she said that the height (5 inches) does not bother her at all. She has been wearing it for 7 hours now. 

Cedric waited patiently for his size. 

Party peeps that support and love Rajo Laurel, Parisian and Milanos. 

Janina, Debbie and your bloggerina. 

Harley Sy is my new BFF, although I see him only once a year. We should do dinner again soon. Just make sure your cards are not expired because sa dami kong shoes na binili, you are treating! 

Japanese ba kamo yung inspiration ni Rajo for the shoes? Pwes!!!! Mag full-on Japanese attire!!!

Proof of their attendance and their love. Joey and Ian.

Marc and Cedric came to shop for Milanos!

Mikael Daez and JC Tiuseco shopped for shoes too!! 

Host, Mond Gutierrez did a great job in introducing the brand to the guests. 

Direk Robby Carmona, as usual wow'd us all with the show! 

Of course, Nix Alanon was there to help, support and entertain the guests of his love, Rajo. 

The winner is actually is this salesman. He was very patient and helpful that shopping was pleasant despite the hundreds of people clamoring for their sizes. Or maybe it was because I was sitting next to the Sy Family. HAHAHA. 

All lined up like soldiers in my room.

Congratulations Rajo. What an amazing collection!!!


Handpicked by Ron and Chris said...

Hi, this is Chris from Thought you looked familiar and realized you were bloggerina candy dizon. Anyway, I quietly follow your blog form time to time and just wanted to share the link of the photo my partner and i took from Elle Decor launch. Thank you and see you around

Candy B. Dizon said...

Oh Hello there Chris!!! What a great site you have!! But I cannot find the photo you took of me and my friends! :) Can you email that to me? I want to blog about it and you site.


Handpicked by Ron and Chris said...

Hi Candy,

Thanks for the kind words.

Your pic is part of the Elle Decor launch entry, near the end of the page (the link is

or you can send an email to so we can send the pic.

I really enjoy your blog and the funny side comments that make everything more accessible and appreciated. One of the entries I remember (and most touching) were the ones you remember (or revisiting) memories with your mom which make things more human and meaningful than the all the nice fabulous things in life. At yun ang talagang priceless.