Wednesday, September 29, 2010

My Ring on You!


I have 2 million things to blog about but I keep having these 4 hour lunches that I don't have time for anything else. True Blood is also taking much of my time. Hate them bloodsuckers!!!

In the meantime, check this out!!!

James Reyes
Ivar Aseron
Puey Quinones
Joey Lorenzo
Bella Yuchengco
Sunshine Puey Pengson
Rob Pengson
Tara Santos
Agoo Bengzon
More to follow!!!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Evolve with Patrice.

You know how I love to support local designers. Well another one of my favorite fashion designer is Patrice Ramos-Diaz. I still have to own one of hers though. In time, perhaps when I lose weight!

Anyhow, please let us support her collaboration with the re-launch of Vise Versa on Sept 30, Thursday, 12 noon at The Wine Bar at Cafe 1771, El Pueblo Real de Manila, Ortigas Center, Pasig City.

Please call Jenny Gapan for details and information: 813 4779

Tod's Does iPad.

I don't have a Tod's bag or anything Tod's. I don't have an iPad either. So why am I writing about it? Because when I do get my iPad, I will definitely get a Tod's cover for it.

Love the colors and different skins!

That way, when Cedric and Steffie and Ginny work around me using their iPads, mine will stand out because of the cover. KLAZZZ diba?

I am so kawawa. I have to use a photoshop photo of me holding an iPad because I don't have one yet. (SUPER HINTING) Sigh...

iPad just got more fashionable as Tod’s take this modern day device into a whole new style with the launch of new Tod’s iPad case and Tod’s iPad application.

Technology and fashion converge with Tod’s new iPad case that is sure to be another essential item to grab this season.

Take this arm candy with you as you go about your active lifestyle in sophistication. Pick from soft supple calfskin or precious crocodile in blue, brown, and tan, specially made for those who appreciate luxurious high-tech style. Set a standard in stylish, on the go lifestyle and grab your own Tod’s iPad case from Tod’s boutiques starting November 2010.

Aside from the exquisite must have of every tech-savvy, Tod’s also launches its first application for iPad users. Created by Formapura, Tod’s App is made to capture personal dialogue with customers and lets them enter and experience the world of Tod’s collections, and showcases virtual themed lifestyles.

Get inspired with the touch of your fingertips as Tod’s premieres “My Life is in this Bag.” Browse through the contents of iconic Tod’s D bags of six ladies who represent social, intellectual, globetrotting, family business and art - Lauren Remington Platt, Shirin Von Wulffen, Tara Thivolete, Cristina Boujnah, Victoria Tang, and Brooke de Ocampo, all longtime Tod’s fans. “My Life is in this Bag” allows users to journey into different lifestyles and personalities discover tips for travel and guide to art and entertainment. View their Tod’s D bags through a linked individual product page with an easy 360 degree zoom and city store locator for convenience.

In the Philippines, Tod’s shoes, bags, and accessories are exclusively distributed by Stores Specialists, Inc. (SSI) and are available at the boutiques located in Greenbelt 4, Ayala Center, Makati and Rustan’s Tower, Shangri-La Plaza Mall.

Tod’s App is available from August 2010 exclusively through online Apple stores.


Preview launches Emerging Fashion Talent Awards for upcoming designers.

Every year, Preview magazine surveys the fashion landscape and selects ten young designers they feel have what it takes to make it big. It is a feature that fashion lovers and industry insiders alike look forward to, and many of today’s notable designers can say that they received their first breaks in Preview.

In celebration of its 15th anniversary, Preview refines its search by launching the Preview Emerging Fashion Talent Awards. “We’re partnering with some of the top fashion schools in the country, and they will nominate talented students from their graduating class,” says editor-in-chief Pauline Juan.

The fulfillment of requirements for graduation is an important prerequisite, as Juan notes that many designers stop schooling after getting a bit of recognition, choosing instead to focus on churning out collection after collection. “The curriculum is there for a reason. What if this designer was discovered when he was just learning pattern making? That doesn’t mean he no longer needs to learn draping and all the other classes down the line,” Juan points out, “So this award not only supports young talent, it is also Preview’s way of supporting fashion education.”

The Preview Emerging Fashion Talent Awards is also in partnership with HSBC, which is designing a mentoring program that will give the young designers a crash course on the business side of their craft. “These designers are talented, but many have no idea how to go about financing or securing a loan from the bank, for example,” Juan says.

Preview also recognizes that sheer talent is not enough—success largely involves who you know in the fashion industry. This is why the launch of the Preview Emerging Fashion Talent Awards last September 22 at The Tents in Alphaland gave this year’s ten upcoming designers featured in the September issue the chance to showcase their works in a fashion show. After the show, the designers and models mingled with fashion retailers, industry insiders, and other fashion lovers. “Next year, this event will allow the winners of the Preview Emerging Fashion Talent Awards to get their foot in the door as they will get to show their works to the right people,” says Juan.

This year’s list of ten upcoming designers are Enrico Carado, Vania Romoff, Jaz Cerezo, Nixon Marquez, Jona Ballaran, Camille Co, Stacy Rodriguez, Noelle Llave, Kenneth Chua, and Michelline Syjuco.

The launch of the Preview Emerging Fashion Talent Awards was co-presented by HSBC, with special thanks to The Tents at Alphaland, MAC Cosmetics, VUQO Vodka, and official media partner, Star World.

Sarah Geronimo looking very beautiful.

The featured designers:

Vania Romoff
Stacy Rodriguez
Noelle Llave
Nixon Marquez
Michelline Syjuco

Jona Ballaran

Enrico Carado
Camille Co

Didn't stay long. Actually didn't even get to stay for the fashion show but I did manage to take photos of some beautiful people that were there.

Grab PREVIEW magazine now!!!

Come To Mama, MUJI!

My trip to Japan last April was really awesome. If you can recall, we stayed at the Peninsula and had a blast just shopping and eating and viewing the scenery with our BFF, Joey Lorenzo, who took care of us while we were there.

One of the stores that we went to was MUJI and everything in it, we loved!! Steffie, Joie and I didn't leave the store with emtpy hands.

The good news is, MUJI is opening in Manila. It will be in Bonifacio High Street and I am sure you will all love it too, if you haven't been to one yet.

As a brand born at the height of Japan’s consumerist phase in the 1980’s, MUJI has always defined its products through restraint, simplicity and relevance. Their revolutionary idea of eliminating logos and instead focusing on improving product design and functionality struck a chord with society. In fact, their brand name, Mujirushi Ryohin—which translates to “no brand, quality products”— embodies their goal of making their products speak for themselves.

MUJI’s core principles revolve around three important themes: selection of materials, streamlining of process, and simplification of packaging. The first mark of MUJI’s dedication to quality stems from their incessant search for sustainable and innovative sources of raw materials. This allows them to produce eco-friendly products like organic towels as well as denim tags recycled into wallets. Upon sourcing the best materials, items undergo a meticulous design process that aims to eliminate the unnecessary. Items that seem simple have actually been redesigned for optimal use. In keeping with their natural stance, MUJI veers away from artificial additives so products retain their original color and shape.

MUJI’s penchant for simplicity and their concern for the environment extend to its packaging. Items are presented as they are, and packaging is kept to a minimum. Consumers are also encouraged to buy only what they need—one pillowcase instead of a set of two, and ink refills instead of new pens. This allows MUJI, as well as their many patrons to conserve resources and reduce waste.

Over the years, MUJI has put forward essential items that are practical yet covetable, and eco-friendly yet luxurious. In its 30 years in business, MUJI has created innovative products that include stackable PP boxes, recycled notebooks, cardboard box speakers, and right angle socks. Their household items adhere to a minimalist aesthetic suitable for any home, and their clothing line presents wardrobe basics all made from the best fabric cut in comfortable silhouettes.

What started as an antithesis to brands, MUJI has evolved to be a well-loved Japanese brand. From a modest line-up of 40 products, MUJI has grown to include over 7,000 products sold in 18 countries. As it continues its global expansion, expect MUJI to continue to put a creative spin on simplicity.

I am so excited and I just can't hide it! (That is so 80's, which reminds me, it's 80's night at Hangover tonight!! PARTEEEEHH!!)