Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Most Simple yet Memorable Wedding I ever went to.

The real reason that I went to Coron is because my high school friend Wendy Reyes was going to tie the knot. Wendy has 2 other sisters, Pepee and Dodette and I was very close to them back in my school days. The last time I saw them was about 15 years ago and even if we were not in touch much, I was more than happy to accept an invitation to the wedding.

At 5 pm, we were brought to the Church. But before we can get inside, we first had to climb this hill. Yeah, I know...where's the escalator right? (huff puff huff)

It was a tad bit difficult but when I reached the top, this is what really took my breath away.

The church that's not quite finished yet but still, very quaint and peaceful. Reminded me a lot of the wedding scene in Mama Mia, the movie.

The bridesmaids, Pepee and Dodette.

The march of the bride and her parents.

Meeting at the alter.

The wedding shoes.

Going back down.

My wedding peeps and your bloggerina. Thank you PQ for my dress.

To Wendy and Nikko, may you have a lifetime full of happiness, love and peace together.

Kubo Sa Dagat!

Imagine this...No electricity which means, no air condition, no hot water and no television. That doesn't sound so bad, does it? Well, I didn't think it was bad at all. For some people, they would probably rather drown to go to a place where all the convenient appliances are non existent. For me, it was going back to 85% to nature. Why 85%? Because this resort has solar panels which gave us minimal florescent light in the evenings, a place to plug in your phone chargers and occasionally some music that you can listen to over the overhead speakers.

The water comes straight from the mountains so it is the freshest it can get. Although the water pressure is very low, all you need is a bit more patience when waiting for your bucket to be filled up for your shower. The bathrooms were very often times cleaned by the very friendly staff. This is very important to me.

The bedrooms, I have to admit, might need a bit more study as to how the breeze can enter more freely. Since there are no fans and air conditioning, one has to rely on Mother Nature's breath to cool off in the evenings. Perhaps it is the location of my room that did not allow any air to pass through which made it quite difficult for me to get some zzz's.

On the second night, PQ and I took out our mattresses and slept on the deck. It was 100x better. The only problem was in the morning, when the early risers such as the staff and boatmen would wake up at 5 am and talk as if no one was sleeping on the deck. The kitchen staff also made the clink clink sounds because they were setting up the table for breakfast.

Since I am a very light sleeper, I had no choice but to wake up at this ungodly hour and take in the beauty of the sun rising. I have to tell you that it was worth every waking minute.

Here are some photos of Kubo Sa Dagat. I do recommend it to those who want to get away from the busy city life. To those who are writing a book and do not want to be bothered. To honeymooners who want 100% quality time with each other and to those who need to be reminded about the beauty and wonder that Earth has given the Philippines.

To book, please email Wendy and/or Nikko at

Coron, Palawan

There's too many things to blog about my recent trip to Coron, Palawan so I will divide it into groups to make my life easier. 

First thing I want to write about is the island. As I was told by a new friend named, Nikko, it is living life on a postcard. This trip surely made me appreciate the wonders of the Earth. Perhaps it is because I was in the city for too long that I forgot about the pureness of nature. The raw and most simple way of life. 

Coron is on the Northern part of Palawan. It consists of hundreds of islands that are filled with wild life, aquatic and land and the freshest air I have had in many many months. From the plane, I already couldn't stop taking photos of what's to come. The color of the sea and hundreds of trees really are something that would often see on postcards. 

Once we got on the boat, the sites we were shown were extremely jaw dropping. The mountains, rock formation, plantation and wild birds and colorful sea life were there for us to absorb. We climbed a trail to get to a lake where salt water and fresh water mixed. I later learned that this is called BRAKISH waters. The water is so clear that despite how deep it is, you can totally see the bottom of the lake.

The CandyMan and your bloggerina.

Here's what was waiting for us back in Manila. Love it, NOT!!!!