Wednesday, February 19, 2014

The villa del conte kinda Love.

Villa del Conte has nothing but love for all you chocolate lovers out there. 

I think that Valentine's Day should be amended to Valentine's Year! That way, we would all get flowers and Villa del Conte chocolates every day of the year!!

Visit Villa Del Conte at Greenbelt 5, Shangri-la Mall, Resorts World, Alabang Town Center, and Robinson’s Magnolia. For bulk orders of Villa del Conte chocolates, please contact 893-2575 or 621-6101.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Lacoste in Shang.

The newly opened LACOSTE store in Shangri-la Plaza’s East Wing is the first Agora store concept in Manila. Its polished look gives a glimpse of clean lines and a breezy store design. Inside, visitors will be able to touch and try on the special collections featuring the 80th Anniversary logo created by British art director Peter Saville and designed especially for this important birthday of the brand. The capsule collection of the 80th Anniversary, as well as the brand’s seasonal collections, include apparel, leather goods, footwear, eyewear and other accessories. 

Thursday, February 13, 2014

BBQ at the Pool.

There's nothing more I like than outdoor dining, especially when the weather is good. We had a great January weather and it was the perfect time for The Peninsula Manila to hold their annual BBQ at the Pool food fest. 

I gathered my Weekend Warriors for this incredible dining smorgasbord and we all had happy tummies.

Here's what we had.  

Here's my appetizer plate. At this point, I am still pretending to be a healthy eater. 

And then, the real eating begins. 
We chose assorted meats to be grilled in front of us. 

This plate was for sharing so don't think this was all mine. Although, I did have 4 pieces of lamb chops. 

For dessert, it was a deadly combination of King Oscar and cheesecake and a little bit of fruits for that "healthy eating habit."

After dinner, we headed to The Bar for the Free Flow promo where one can drink as many cocktails, wines, spirits and beers on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights for only P1,280 nett.

But guess what? On Thurdays Free Flow doesn't only offer all you can drink spirits but it also gives out free cigars from Tabaqueria de Filipinas, Inc. How great is that for cigar lovers?

As for my gang, we are happy campers. 
Thank you CY for dinner!!! 


styLIZed by Liz Uy.

First of all, Happy Birthday to one very stylish lady, Liz Uy!!!!

Read more about the party here. 

That evening, I was reading the book StyLIZed and found it very helpful and interesting. For people like me who need help in the department, I was inspired to create different looks based on the book. 

I especially liked the feature on the BLAZER. 

How one dark blazer can give you different looks is quite exciting. 

So the next day, I tried sprucing up my outfit. Thank you to Janina for the belt, Natori for my blue dress and Zara for my navy blue blazer. I also did a very bright orange lippie to brighten up the whole look. 

I go thru styLized every now and then to make my wardrobe more fashionable. 
Thank you Liz for making dressing up exciting. 

Good luck in finding the always SOLD OUT book in stores. May the force be with you.

Friday, February 7, 2014

When in HK.

The weekend agenda was to party like rockstars. I expressed my wishes to be crawling back to the hotel room from too much partying. My gang and I were ready for a weekend of total chaos. 

When we got to HK, we dropped off our luggage and checked out the newly renovated rooms of The Peninsula Hong Kong. 

Staircase to heaven. 

Upon entering, I instructed SC to not touch a thing because she has a tendency to mess the room up. 

Fell in love and so attached to the tablet. I felt I could rule the world with it. 

Pull out the drawer and all the possible chargers you can ever need is neatly stored and ready for use. 

I need this in my life.

Thank you SC for being a part of the Peninsula Group. 

After resting a bit, we headed off to lunch. This is what we had. 
Thank you Kelly for this wonderful treat.

Shopping was next. Because it is the Year of the Horse, SC, TR and CY decided to go with the equestrian look.  

Dinner was at Catalunya. It's very hard to find the place so I suggest you research and get a good cab driver to take you there. 

Here's what we had.
A pitcher of sangria to get the party started. 

Yes, it was just the four of us gals. I tell you though, the plates were clean as a whistle. 
Thank you TR for treating!!

As usual, I was red as a lobster by the time we got to Ozone. 

The Ritz-Carlton has an awesome view so before we headed up, photo op muna. 

When we got to the 118th floor, we were initially seated outdoors. It froze our Asian asses. To get a table inside, there was an minimum consumable price tag. 

So it began. 2 bottles of wine, numerous bottles of freaking expensive water, a few cocktails and a couple of tequila shots were consumed. 

CY, thank you so very much for treating us to so much alcohol and for being the best yaya to TR. (wink wink)

One last shot outdoors turned the evening upside down. 

I won't go into details but let's just say that I ran out of baby wipes. 

The next morning, we had a lovely breakfast at the lobby. 

I really loved this lobster sausage.

Wagyu Breakfast Burger. Gosh, my stomach is growling with hunger as I type this. 

A quick visit to the Pen Boutique to check out some chocolates. 

Lunch day two was at Duddell's, a restaurant owned by Shanghai Tang. It is a delightful place to eat. Loved everything about it. 

When we went, it was an ALL-YOU-CAN-EAT-DIMSUM fest and I fainted with joy (well not really but you get what I mean).

Had this and a WHOLE lot more. Thank you CY for treating us! 
And for the turnip cakes, thank you Juliana!
You really missed out Tess. 

Next stop was Sasa. Always a must when in HK. 

The next evening, only SC had energy to paint the town red. TR, CY and I were more focused on shopping and eating. So we had more Chinese food and was in bed by midnight. 

For our last day, I treated the girls and Kelly to lunch at Nanhai No. 1. 
 I will surely go back to this place. The oyster cake is to die for. 

After lunch, we were able to meet up very briefly with friends Kurt and Noel. 

By check out time, this is what our bedroom looked like. 
I won't say which side is mine and what's SC. 

At the HK Airport, on our way home. There was a a bit more time for shopping. 
I am a very happy girl. 

To my Weekend Warriors, I can't wait for our next adventure. 
Thank you so much for celebrating my singlehood with me in HK. 
Love you all.