Monday, February 3, 2014

If I Were a Home.

The plan was to dine out. We did that but when it came down to dessert, we insisted on going to DR's unit for it. It was an ambush. I have only heard about the place and seen on magazines the hard work that DR had to go through to get the perfect place he now calls home. 

Every corner, every turn of my head, I saw art. The pieces strategically placed, not an inch beyond where it should be, every single decision he made seemed right. 

I have always wanted a cart like this but with 15 children running around the house, it doesn't seem like a good idea but with DR, the only baby in the house is little Miuccia.

It's all in the small details that make you want to go through every inch of his home. 

All that beauty but I haven't even gone inside THE closet and bedroom yet. 

This used to be a two bedroom unit but because DR is who he is, one bedroom was converted to his closet. Yes, ladies, you may drool now. 

Clothes are divided into casual, formal, long sleeved and such....after which, they are semi-divided into color. Just how a normal person would probably do it....IN A DEPARTMENT STORE!

Lower right hand part of this photo is the holy-son-of-zeus area. 

When I saw this, I suddenly felt so bad for my shoes. Actually, I felt bad for myself. These babies of DR live a better life than I do. What the efffff!!! 

The bedroom has more drama than Vhong and Deniece. 

With a view like that, my lola-mode would reach a high of 99%. Currently it is already at 80%. 

After an hour of visual feast, we went back to what's even better....... dessert. 

Thank you for having us!!! 

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