Thursday, January 30, 2014

Attention Zara Lovers!

ZARA, now in Cebu and Megamall! 

The new store will also show the latest brand image based on its four principles: beauty, clarity, functionality and sustainability. The store’s design will primarily emphasize simplicity as part of its on-going mission to facilitate direct contact with customers making shopping simple. New concepts of materials and colour combination will lighten up the new interior, distilling the brand’s latest image, and highlighting the importance of customer’s direct contact with Zara’s products in an interference-free and beautiful environment.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Ms. Candy,

Thank you for featuring ZARA!!! We are also excited to launch our new concept stores!!! First will be in Cebu & next will be Megamall. See you in our store opening party in Megamall soon!!!

Strike of ZARA