Thursday, June 23, 2016

What I did in Guam.

1. Watch the sunrise as Dennis and I arrived at 4 am. After, we slept until noon. 

2. Watched the view from my balcony of The Lotte Hotel. 

3. Walked to a restaurant nearby to have BBQ ribs. It wasn't that great. 

4. Went to DFS and did a little shopping. 

5. Went home to rest and watch the sunset. 

6. Asleep by 11 pm. #lolamode

7. Wake up at 10am and wait for Dennis to wake up (12noon). We are both starving. We decide to rent a car. 

8. Had lunch at PROA, our favorite restaurant in Guam. 
Order the TRIO, best BBQ and value for money.

Happiness in my face. 

9. Went to KMart, Ross and Macy's. 

Got my Cap'n Crunch stash. 

10. Went back to the hotel for some beach and pool time. 

11. Big Pride 2016 starts! FUN FUN FUN all night long. Went home around 2 pm. #notsololanowami

12. Slept until 11am. Woke up hungry. Dennis, Mike and I decide to eat at PROA again. 

13. Went back to hotel to nap. #lolacantfunction

14. Went to Hotel Nikko for Chinese dinner hosted by Mike. Our goal? To order food and drinks that will amount to $1,000 because that's how much credit Mike has. We failed by $100.00. #losers

15. Back to the hotel and home after a few hours. 

Thank you so much Mike for a wonderful weekend. You are awesome at what you do. Dennis, you are a blast to travel with. 

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Not so Toyo.

So I kept hearing about this new restaurant called Toyo. My friends and I couldn't wait to try it. 

The menu was simple, quite limited and portions were for a 2 year old yet prices were a bit high. I know that there were some infusion of unique ingredients and a different style of cooking but in all honestly, except for the Garden Vegetable, everything was quite normal. 


Pork BBQ skewers. Though it is good, I was just expecting something more. 

Oysters. Presentation is nice. 

We had to send our meat back because it was truly undercooked. 
Once it was cooked, it became much better. 

Toyo Eatery Silog

Battered Espada with semi-ripe guava and kamias broth.

Grilled bely and loin of bangus with Silog. Ok lang, tasted a lot like bangus with teriyaki sauce. 

Burnt kalabasa soup with sea urchin and orange kamote

Dessert did not hit the spot either. I didn't like the burnt crust of the casava and the chocolate has got some kind of fish sauce (patis) in it. Mama not happy with the combination. 

Now, this is their Garden Vegetable. The server explained that the brown stuff, which I assume represents soil, is made out of tortured eggplant. Though the taste is not did not make me drool with anticipation. Besides, it looks too much like the plants I am started to grow at home. 

Garden Vegetable

My baby plant.

The menu uses fancy schmancy words but all I am looking for is good food and of course, value for money.

At first, maybe I thought I was being too picky but when 6 out of 6 feel the same way...well....

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Flames at Discovery Primea!

The magic of Instagram led me to a gem of a place (thanks Ckyap) where we celebrated the birthdays of Tita Bella and Dennis. Flames, located at the 16th floor of Discovery Primea just opened and boy it did NOT disappoint. 

I loved the ambiance, the friendliness of the staff and most especially, the food. 

Presentation is superb. Value for money is on point. The taste? Let's just say, not a single crumb or sauce (we cleaned the plate with our bread) was left on our plates. 

Chef Luis Chikiamco came out to welcome us and explain/suggest dishes that we must try. 

This is what we had. 

Something to get our appetite started.

Beef Carpaccio

Sweet corn soup

Quezo de Bola and Hamon

Beef short ribs



Tropical fruit dessert.

The happy tummy gang. 

Flames, Discovery Primea 

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Salvatore Cuomo in Manila.

Perfect way to have the gang to get together is in a restaurant opening, especially when the restaurant serves super delicious food, overflowing wines and tons of laughter. 

Last Tuesday, Salvatore Cuomo Restaurant and Bar opened its doors in Uptown Parade, Taguig. 

The place was PACKED and people were hungry and excited to try the dishes prepared by Chef Salvatore. The spread was beautiful and instantly made me drool in anticipation. 

A must try is the Four Cheese pizza.
Photo by Rajo Laurel

Seafood pasta was a favorite!

The Happiest People on Earth.

Rajo and Christine.

Cassey, Christine, Tiff, Joanna, Jasmin, yours truly and Abi.

With the Yap girls, Abi and Cassey. 

Host Tim Yap, Tessa Valdez, Richard Tiu and your bloggerina. 
Photo by Tessa Valdez

Ben Wintle

Tiff Sy, Tim Yap and Santi Martel

Pia Campos, Chef and Jacqueline. 

The gang with the boss, Tess Oben-Reyes.

With my date, Jasmin Jamora, Chef Salvatore Cuomo and dearest Robby Carmona. 

We are scheduled to dine there again next week where I can give a more proper review. Stay tuned. 

Congratulations to the successful opening of SALVATORE CUOMO!

Download and check your Booky for more information.