Thursday, June 23, 2016

Not so Toyo.

So I kept hearing about this new restaurant called Toyo. My friends and I couldn't wait to try it. 

The menu was simple, quite limited and portions were for a 2 year old yet prices were a bit high. I know that there were some infusion of unique ingredients and a different style of cooking but in all honestly, except for the Garden Vegetable, everything was quite normal. 


Pork BBQ skewers. Though it is good, I was just expecting something more. 

Oysters. Presentation is nice. 

We had to send our meat back because it was truly undercooked. 
Once it was cooked, it became much better. 

Toyo Eatery Silog

Battered Espada with semi-ripe guava and kamias broth.

Grilled bely and loin of bangus with Silog. Ok lang, tasted a lot like bangus with teriyaki sauce. 

Burnt kalabasa soup with sea urchin and orange kamote

Dessert did not hit the spot either. I didn't like the burnt crust of the casava and the chocolate has got some kind of fish sauce (patis) in it. Mama not happy with the combination. 

Now, this is their Garden Vegetable. The server explained that the brown stuff, which I assume represents soil, is made out of tortured eggplant. Though the taste is not did not make me drool with anticipation. Besides, it looks too much like the plants I am started to grow at home. 

Garden Vegetable

My baby plant.

The menu uses fancy schmancy words but all I am looking for is good food and of course, value for money.

At first, maybe I thought I was being too picky but when 6 out of 6 feel the same way...well....

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