Monday, February 28, 2011

Max Factor Xperience Collection!

I love make up. At times though, I feel very lazy to layer on the foundation, powder, blush and such. I would often put on my make up on my way to work, in the car. After attending a Max Factor get together where we were taught how to put on make up and look as natural as ever, I realized that putting on make up is not really a hard thing to do, for as long as you have the right stuff.

I tried on my new Max Factor Experience Collection and was happy to have that natural glow even with the littlest effort. Of course, I added a few more touches but in the end, I am happy with the outcome.

I especially love the mascara because it is in mousse form. It is light and easy to apply.
The outcome!

Green Couture!

Get your tickets now. 20 days to go!

When Rajo talks, everyone listens.

Thank you so much Rajo, for believing in this project and lending me your talent, creativity and your precious time. I can't wait to see the actual thing.

The plastic bag dress! | Rajo's Blog |

Will post the other sketches as soon as I have them. Aren't you excited? I am!!!

Chef Remi Vercelli in Tivoli.

Chef Remi Vercelli has been appointed as The Tivoli’s new Executive Sous Chef, at a pivotal time when Mandarin Oriental, Manila’s fine dining restaurant assumes a new contemporary look. Together with Executive Chef Rene Ottlik, he introduces a new a la carte and degustation menu that incorporates classic favorites with a modern twist.

No stranger to the Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group, Chef Remi Vercelli joins the Manila property direct from Mandarin Oriental, Geneva, where he was Chef de Cuisine of Le Sud Paul Bocuse, a convivial brasserie on the banks of the Rhone River. He also brings a wealth of culinary experience that began for eight years in various kitchens in France, including Paul Bocuse restaurants where he worked as Chef de Partie, and then as Sous Chef, in Lyon, France. He also worked as Sous Chef at Bistro de la Gare in Pasadena, California, as well as at Benoit Bistro Alain Ducasse in Manhattan, New York, in the same capacity. A graduate of Culinary School Manosque in France, the young French chef is a third generation chef in the family, following in the footsteps of his father, uncle and grandfather.

Diners can expect such gastronomic treats as Poached sea bass, paella and lobster espuma; US Certified Angus Prime Beef fillet and lobster Surf & Turf; Lapu-lapu, salmon and King prawn Marmite, green vegetable and fish broth; Sautéed foie gras, creamy polenta, raisin, cashew nut and aged Port wine; and Veal cheeks bourguignon style & fresh chestnut farfalle, among others. Classic Tivoli dishes such as Duck liver millefeuille, granny smith apples, mango ginger and pistachio; Lobster bisque and US Certified Angus Prime Beef Rib eye on the bone are also on the menu.
“We are delighted to have Chef Remi Vercelli join us,” notes Mark Bradford, Mandarin Oriental, Manila’s General Manager. “He brings a fresh eye to an established restaurant here in the city. Regulars have noticed that we have brought in modern twists to this elegant restaurant, and they are excited for it.”
This is what MO has to say about Chef Remi and these are professional photos of the food.

Of course, since I was extremely busy that last few days, I have totally forgotten to charge my cameras. Both were dead and all I could do was rely on my iPhone for my food shots.

The 8-course meal that we were lucky enough to have. All prepared by Chef Remi Vercelli.

Mille feuille de foie gras et Granny Smith,
chutney mangue et gingembre,
foie gras pistache.
Tartare de saumon frais,
creme ciboulette et toast.

Soupe de moule safranee

Consomme de queue de beouf,
raviolis aux herbes

Loup de mer a la poele,
un riz paella et amulsion de homard.
Bourguignon de joue de veau,
farfalle aux chataignes
Tarte a tran meringue, sorbet fram boise

Le selection de creme brulees du Tivoli.

Vittoria coffee or Althaus teas and herbal infusions with pistachio and almond biscotti.

If by now, you are not salivating, then you need to have your glands checked.

Let me assure you that these photos that I took are small portions and that if you should order them on your next visit to Tivoli, you will be happy that your plate will have more to eat than what we had. But I am not complaining. We were all stuffed even with the small bites. Another thing I can assure you off is that every single dish was delicious. Really, truly, honestly very good.

It was a delightful afternoon to have spent it with wonderful people and to have met Chef Remi Vercelli of Tivoli.

Welcome to Manila and expect to see more of us as we plan to come back for more.

The Tivoli, Mandarin Oriental

Bottega Veneta for Men.

Dear Toby,

Two years ago, Jenny told me that you have taken the shopping mojo away from her and since then, I can't help but mentally shop for you. Whenever I go to the mall, I would always think that you are the type of guy that would walk in and shop just as madly as his wife would. We all know how Jenny shops but this time, I dedicate this post to you because I say, if she can have leather goods with an H on it, you can have BV on yours.

Your sister-in-law,


In the Philippines, Bottega Veneta is exclusively distributed by Stores Specialists, Inc. (SSI) and is located at Greenbelt 4, Ayala Center, Makati and Rustan’s Makati.

I Love Cute!

Whenever I see things that make me comment, "That's so cuuuutteee!!!", I just want to say that I mean it. For the past few weeks, I have been seeing a lot of these cutie pies that I want to share with you.

This is Lucille's daughter, Lauren. She comes down for breakfast almost always wearing a princess costume. In this picture, she was wearing an old pajama so when I saw her "laying cement on our garage", it looked very apt to her poor Cinderella look.
Saw these at EGG in trinoma. It now stores the junk food that I am keeping away from the kids at home. It looks great in my new bedroom.
My Jody-kins who turned 18 three days ago. I think she is adorable. Looks exactly like me. Hahahaa.
Ruby wore this hot red lips at Chippendale's. It was the perfect thing to wear since there were a lot of lip action during the show. Not from me, of course. You already know what I did.
This bee on flower ring of Salome is made by Hoseki. I think it is so gorgeously fun. The bee is on a spring so it moves with the slightest touch.
Michael Salientes brought this bag to our coffee date 2 weeks ago. I love this color. Still dreaming of my future Furla bag.

Candy Bag of Furla. MUST.GET.ONE.

Diesel, Spring/Summer Collection 2011

My Dad says that I have too many gay friends. Not that he minds, he would just like me to bring some girl friends home once in a while so he can meet pretty gals.

I told him, "Dad, I may have a lot of gay friends but they are all very fashionable."

When I saw the Spring/Summer Collection of Diesel, it seemed to me that they would look great on my friends so I did another match up!!!

If only the models of Diesel were part of Chippendale's....then everyone would be happy, gay or straight!