Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Heaven at 7th High!

I used to go very often to Ascend when it was still open. My friend, Markus Tauwald always used to get my friends and I in for free. After he left, we stopped going. Then, I heard it closed down.

A few years later, 7th High took over and last week, I decided to gather my Party Peeps to celebrate my sister-in-law, Lucille's birthday!

Before I got down to the groove, the gorgeous Carmina Jacob came and showed me the whole place.

There are 3 areas to the place. One is the club where it gets down and dirty with people who love to shake their booties! A part of the 2nd floor is a dining area with a band and/or pianist. This is where the fine dining happens. I have yet to try their food and service. Will update you as soon as I get the chance. On the 3rd floor, (don't worry ladies, there's an elevator), is the VIP room with 3 separate sections to choose from. One has a private area where you can look down on the 2nd floor. The other is the main lounge where you can just chill with friends. The last area is a KTV Suite with it's own toilet, a huge flat screen and plenty of seats to get comfortable in.

I have to tell you that the service was superb. The staff were friendly and very attentive.

I also had the chance to give the DJ my playlist and they were kind enough to play all my favorite songs!! How wonderful is that?

There are fees, of course, depending on what room you want to stay in.

With my 40 Party Peeps, we took over the main VIP lounge and started to drink, eat, dance and be merry all night long. Now, since we are almost all lola's, our all night long meant 1 am. The others took the party to BED. Another place I still have to go to. I will wait for Mike's return so I can go with him. He's my ticket to the VIP world of BED.

So anyway, here's my favorite part. Showing off my beautiful friends and family.

The birthday celebrant and her honey.

Oh by the way, did I tell you that my Daddy-O was there to party with us? I think he had a great time, being around such beautiful girls and all.

Khaz, I dedicate this portion of photos to you because you were the best dancer of the evening!!

Your bloggerina and AG.

Thank you so much 7th High and Carmina for making this party a great success!!!

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CarminaSJ said...


Come party with us again anytime. With or without Daddy-O haha...

See you soon =)