Monday, January 25, 2016

For the Love of Jewelry

Jul B. Dizon presents The Lucy x Candice Collection Women have diverse fashion fixations. Some may be certified bagaholics, others exhibit a shoe-a-holic persona, and some gets easily lured by fancy dresses. Out of the many things that excite women, there are also those who share a strong fascination for jewelries. 

Gown by Patrice Ramos-Diaz


 Lucy Torres-Gomez belongs to the type of women who get enthralled with the sight of expensive metals and sparkly gems. In fact, this regal lady has yet to meet a gemstone that doesn’t excite her. Aside from her love of her birth stone, turquoise, she also adores diamonds, pearls, tourmaline and the rest of the precious stones. 

Wallpaper by Studio 11 Modern Fabrics

 A self-confessed jewelry fan, Lucy openly shares her feelings when she comes across her favorite find, “jewelry always seals the deal for me. Over a great bag, fantastic shoes, or a handful of dreamy dresses, I would rather spend good money on jewelry”. 

Dress by Jojie Lloren

 Because of her love for jewelry, Lucy now adds another role under her belt. From being a model-actress-politician, Lucy follows the footsteps of her jeweler lola as she ventures into jewelry design. Aside from being one of the faces of jewelry brand Jul B. Dizon, Lucy now stars in a new collection made in collaboration with designer Candice Dizon. This collaboration resulted in a new line of stunning pieces infused with Lucy's own personal style. 

Dress by JC Buendia



Jul B. Dizon unveiled this signature cameo collection that features the elegance of the brand while reflecting Lucy’s love for cameos and gemstones. Here's what designer Candice has to say about the collaboration: "For the jewelry line, I used turquoise as the main focus because it is the birthstone of December which happens to be the birthstone of Lucy. I made earrings, brooches and rings using the said stone with diamonds and colored stones to accent the color of the natural turquoise." 

Skirt by JC Buendia
Wallpaper by Studio 11 Modern Fabrics


 Rendered with exquisite attention to detail, the pieces show the ingenious play of gemstones worked into gold and rose gold metals for a classic look. The carvings on the collection’s pieces also add a touch of vintage flair that is perfect for individuals looking to embody a timeless look. 




 For more information on Jul B Dizon and the Lucy x Candice collection, please email or call 8864638, 6347448.

Photos by Sara Black
Hair and Make up by Jerome Chang

Lucy and Lockets.

When Lucy and I were working on her collection for Jul B. Dizon, she wanted to bring back the pendant that opens to reveal a space used for storing a photograph. 

Not so many jewelers still make lockets but I was only too happy to make some using Lucy's favorite material, the cameo. 

I showed her the cameos that we have and from there, she proceeded to draw, add details and instructions on what materials to use.

First step.

I show her possible stones that we can use. 

She chose the ruby cabochon.
We added the diamonds, other materials and the goldsmith did his magic. 

And when it's all done, this is what it looks like. 

Add a fine pearl necklace and you are automatically taken back into time with this vintage inspired design. 

But to make the pendant really your own, add your favorite photo/s.

Here's another locket that we worked on. 

A family photo for the happy owner of this beautiful piece designed by 
Lucy for Jul B. Dizon Jewellery. 

For your orders, please visit us at The Peninsula Manila and EDSA Shangri-la Hotel. 

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Cole Vintage

A combination of old sophistication and nouveau chic, Cole Vintage designs converge into a lifestyle collection that takes today’s women from work to weekend. The brand’s wide range of bags, accessories, apparel and shoes can be worn by teens, mothers and career-oriented women. We integrate classic designs with current trends to create timeless pieces. Customers can enjoy well-designed and stylish pieces at affordable prices. 

Our vision is for women to have a well-designed lifestyle that goes beyond their wardrobe. We aspire to inspire through our own sources of inspiration – experience and education. We support this by providing quality, comfortable clothing that is inspired by a dynamic woman’s lifestyle. The go-to brand that allows one to still embrace her own style by mixing and matching versatile pieces – unified, not uniform. At Cole Vintage, there will always be one for everyone.

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Jacqueline for Jul Dizon.

My baby is now a lady. 

As I watch her bloom every day, I have decided to have my favorite photographer, Ms. Sara Black capture her transition from being a teenager to a young lady. 

A great big thanks to Omar Ermita who did her make up and Ethan David for her hair. Jewellery is by Jul B. Dizon, of course. 

Dress by Maureen Disini. 

Dress by JC Buendia.

Dress by JC Buendia. 

The Royal Stable, Meknes.

During our Moroccan trip, we had a quick stopover at The Royal Stable at Meknes. For sure it is no longer being used for storage for their wheat and such but it is still very well kept and is very photogenic. It is now a tourist spot but all you really need is about 20 minutes in this place. I think it is absolutely beautiful. 

May I just say THANK YOU to Save My Bag for being my official purse for my Moroccan trip. It got so many comments and most importantly, no back or shoulder pain for me. The color pops out the weight of the back is almost nothing. Save My Bag is available in SM Makati. 

My Home in Cocoon.

The weirdest thing happened a few months ago. My Daddy agreed to a photo shoot with me for a magazine. I told him that the house will be the main focus and it would be nice to have him in the shoot for once. 

Anyway, I would like to thank COCOON for featuring the home where we grew up in. We truly love being here and how our grandparents, aunts, uncles and parents have given and continue to give us such fond memories of it.  

Friend, Amina Aranaz-Alunan graces the cover of this issue.