Thursday, March 25, 2010

Peninsula Suite Honeymoon!

Last time I was at the Peninsula Suite was when we had a Jul B. Dizon Jewellery private show and mom was here with me.

This time, I was overwhelmed by the set up of the room. Everywhere I looked, I saw beautiful flowers. The food spread was delicious and colorful.

I imagine spending a few nights here on my honeymoon (if ever there will be one). I think it would be a very romantic getaway but still within Metro Manila. There are 2 huge bedrooms, a living room, an indoor porch, a kitchen, a bar, an office and dining area. The main bathroom has a huge bathtub that's great for "pre-action" sessions.

You may book the Peninsula Suite for a private function but only if you have a maximum of 20 guests.

But if you really want to show some good lovin' for your honey, book it for the weekend and have the The Flower Shop of Peninsula decorate the suite with beautiful flowers, The Peninsula Boutique with chocolates and wine. All you need now is your lovey dovey wearing a red ribbon and nothing else.

For the WEDDINGS AT THE PENINSULA press event, Ms. Annafay Rosal did an outstanding job with the floral arrangements.

Weddings at the Peninsula.

I was a bride once. 16 years ago I walked down a very long awkward isle. I had only 2 months to prepare it which means, no preparation at all.

I was wearing a P2,000 dress which I had made in a house nearby. My mom's sastre (I think that's what they are called).

We had it at Annabelle's along Tomas Morato because my late father-in-law wanted it there. I didn't but I wasn't paying so I had no choice.

My invitations was printed in less than a week and it looked more like an debut invitation. Remembering how it looked, I want to cringe. It was my choice but at 21, everything pink and flowery was beautiful.

I didn't even know about the food choices and that I was even entitled to one.

I remember loving my make up, done by my ex-husbands uncle but I didn't like my hair. I felt like a horse. It was tied up in a high pony tail and then was braided down to the tip. I did have a nice diamond tiara on, thanks to Mom.

At that time, wedding coordinators were not very popular so I had none. So when it was time for me to walk down the isle, no one really told us what to do so I had Mom to my right and Dad to my left. Was that ok? I am not sure.

My now ex-husband had a full body reflexology session the night before the wedding so naturally, he was with fever during the whole wedding day.

When the priest said, "You may kiss the bride," he kissed on my cheek. I was like..."EEHH??? Sa cheek lang?"

Was that a sign that the marriage wouldn't last?? I guess so because it didn't.

We used to dream of stabbing each other to death. There were countless screaming matches and who can hang up the phone louder contests. But now we are civil with each other. We hardly talk but when we do, we try to stay as calm as we can even if we have issues to deal with.

Anyway, the reason I am telling you all this is because despite my harrowing wedding experience, I still dream of having one. One that I can always look back on and sigh with content and joy. Where all the people that I know and love will be present.

On April 11, 2010, The Peninsula Manila will introduce a new program that reflects its dedication to providing guests with the best-of-the-best when it comes to service: The Peninsula Bride.

The Peninsula Bride doesn't gallivant about town to talk to florists, stationers, and other vendors important for her big day. The Peninsula Bride enjoys the personalized service from one of the country's most renowned hotels, whose experienced Special Event Managers invite the bride and her mother to relax as the vendors come to them.

To be a Peninsula Bride and have access to this service and the host of exceptional vendors, all a future bride has to do is make an appointment to attend WEDDINGS AT THE PENINSULA on Sunday, April 11, 2010 and learn all about wedding recetions, engagement parties, wedding couture rehearsal dinners, bridal registries, bridal showers, stationary, catering, spa services, photography, videography, wedding cakes, transportation, accommodation, floral arrangements and of course, JEWELLERY.

My fashion designer friends and I will be at the lobby to personally assist you in whatever you need to make your wedding perfecto name: Inno Sotto, Jojie Lloren, Ivar Aseron, Dennis Lustico, Puey Quinones, Jun Escario, James Reyes, Joey Samson, Amina Alunan for bags, Emi Jorge for shoes, Bergamo for suits and barongs, Bvlgari and Jul B. Dizon Jewellery.

See you!!

Register thru:


Calling all food lovers and I am not talking about sissy food lovers, I mean INTENSE FOOD LOVERS!

This blog is for you.

I was at the Sofitel last night to watch the sunset with AG. It is still breathtaking to watch the sun go under Manila Bay. There was a slight breeze in the air which made me feel like going back to Boracay very soon.

It was 6:30 pm and the buffet in SPIRAL is now open. I checked it out...
I love the way the prawns are lined up so neatly on the spread.
Ditto for the mussels.
This is my dad's corner.


Really nice presentation.

There was still so much more that I didn't take a photo of. There was a Chinese noodle corner, Korean station and grilled seafood. Just taking photos of the food made me full! Of course, I didn't forget the dessert!!!

My ultimate favorite fruit. Loving the way it was styled!

Freshly baked chocolate chip cookies!!


Take note that I only took photos of the food. I wasn't very hungry so I didn't get to try it out but I did once before and all I can say is there's too much food for one belly.

Breakfast M-F = P1,250.36
S-Sun = P1,496.01

Lunch M-F = P1,827.64
S-Sun = P2,441.70

Dinner S-Th = P2,073.29
F-Sat = P2,318.94

6:00 to 12 midnight
For reservations: 551-5555, 832-6988