Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Promotion At Paseo!

The family had a dinner to celebrate the promotion of Toby at Paseo. It was a wonderful evening to have spent it with a quiet dinner with your loved ones...... especially if it's a BUFFET!!!

Yummy! Loved the food and looking at the photos now just makes my tummy growl with hunger.

Charisse Chuidian had a cake sent to the celebrant. To tell you honestly, the pastry department of Mandarin has improved quite a lot. The deli is offering really nice looking and delicious sweets. I think that Chef Roberto Molleman is a great addition to the Mandarin Oriental family.

Next step, room renovation!

In the meantime, get hungry with me.

Paseo, Mandarin Oriental

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Anonymous said...

Agree that the rooms in Mandarin need a makeover badly - although the only time I stayed there, it was really nice, but that had more to do with my company:)