Thursday, March 18, 2010


Our Barbie dolls ended up with stringy hair, short, bald or ruined with bubble gum. Her hair, I think, is the most attractive part of Barbie. Long, straight and blonde. At one point, I suppose I wanted to have hair exactly like hers. Until of course, being BLONDE meant something other than the color of your hair. I am happy with my long thick hair. Although my fashion designer friends (FDF) wants me to cut it off and get a more stylish look. AG, will not have any of this. He wants my hair the way it is and I am happy that my long hair can sometimes mask my chubby face.

Last night, Barbie had so many different hairstyles that I thought I should write up about it. Some FDF even had their dolls go to a salon for some major hair styling!

A for EFFORT!!!

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