Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Odd Things in Bali

In every country, there are things that you find a bit odd, funny, quirky and just plain weird. In my trip to Bali, I saw some that caught my attention and thought I would share it with you.

Yum, my favorite, SWEAT and SOUR! Asim!!!

This is the way they transport their piggies around before they slaughter them. It may be prettier than the way we do it here in Manila, but I am not sure if the pigs are comfortable being inside the rattan tube. Wawa naman.

This restaurant is called Cheers! It's owned by this German guy. I like the way he uses face towels as his place mats. After you eat, just grab the towel and wipe off the oil on your face. Easy as pie.

I still have so many stories about my Bali trip. Please be patient with me. Still don't know what to wear to the Gods and Goddesses Ball tomorrow. Can I just go as cupid and wear nothing but wings, bow and arrows?? (wink wink)


It's been a while since I last saw Michael Salientes. He was roaming around Europe for 3 months!! Talk about ENVY! We finally had time to do lunch last Friday but since I was busy preparing the house for Thanksgiving dinner, I opted to stay home in QC. So, since lunch was in this area, I had to ask for advise on where to eat. QC restaurants are so different from Makati. In QC, one can wear slippers and wifebeater shirts to a semi fancy place.

That's why when we decided to eat in Lumeria, I was a bit shocked when the lady on the phone said that they have a dress code, no slippers, no sandals and no wife beater shirts (she really didn't say it like that though). I didn't bother to tell my lunch dates, CAR and MS because they are always so fashionably chika ALL THE TIME.

Lumeria is in a hidden area of Horseshoe Village. It's not hard to find though. It's a small, quaint, romantic home converted into a restaurant. Although in the main house, the owner still resides.

The food was not bad, although it seemed a little too expensive, maybe I need to change my mentality that QC is not necessarily cheap food. I did wear my Pucci dress (thanks CAR!) and 4 inch heels (thanks AG) after all.

Thank you to my twitter friends for the suggestion!

5 Julieta Circle
Horseshoe Village, QC

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Tatler Bling.

A few days before the ball, I tweeted that I was going to blog about the jewellery that ladies will wear at the Tatler.

I was so not disappointed. I nearly fainted when I saw what my seat mate was wearing. There was just no way for me to look her in the eyes, even if I tried, because the hypnotizing diamonds were doing exactly just that, hypnotizing me.

I wore a necklace that my Mom designed a few years ago. It is now considered Family Jewels because Lucille wore it to her wedding.

But getting back to what I call my $100,000,000 table (no kidding), I started to realize that thanks to the Gawad Kalinga, Red Cross and Tatler Ball, people are actually starting to come out of their safety deposit box and start enjoying their "glimmering toys."

Here's to show you what I am talking about but please, wear a bib, because you WILL drool.

Philippine Tatler Ball, 2010

With the Philippine Tatler Ball, I feel as if I have failed my readers. First, when I found my table and settled in, I hardly got up. I didn't mingle, didn't go around to take photos of beautiful people. I didn't work. What I did though, was to enjoy the dinner, watch the auction and Ms. Bea Tantoco belt out a few songs! After taking my last spoon of caramel ice cream, NP and I had to leave.

This is us before heading out.

But know this, as much as my energy could take it, I took photos of my table mates and a few friends that I bumped into.

Thank you Grace and Felix for inviting me to your table.

And to you my readers, there are still so many events to come. I will make it up to you.


My twin for the evening. We both had brown sheer in mind that night.
My wonderful "Bosses" in Peninsula.

The delicious 5 course meal that put a bigger smile on my face.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Merry Macaroons!!


Chocolate, Vanilla, Mint, Orange, Hazelnut and Gingerbread.

P350.00 per/dozen/box
(includes ribbon and gift tag)

Get a discount for bulk orders.

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