Monday, November 22, 2010

Ayoko na sa Ayodya.

Ayodya Resort in Nusa Dua. It was beautiful, jaw dropping and HUGE!!!! It is so far the biggest hotel/resort that I have ever seen in my entire life. I mean, NP and I had to take a shuttle just to get to our room. As you may very well know, NP and I are self proclaimed Queens and we opted to book ourselves in the "Ayodya Palace" where we had our own dining area, swimming pool and computers with free wifi to check our emails and FB (away from the commoners, hahahahah!)

Two incidents that made me decide that Ayodya Resort staff need a refreshing course on Management Training is when we went into our room, my tired and hungry roommate fell into bed to get a few zzz's. As soon as we entered, we already noticed that the room was hot. No cold air from the AC was coming out. We were told by our bellboy that if we wait, it will soon get cold. So we waited...and waited.........and waited....until sweat trickled down my forehead. I called to complain. In a few minutes 2 engineers came into the room, noticed the heat and decided to fix it right there and then got a ladder, opened up a part of our ceiling!!! As NP would say, "QUE HORROR!!!" They opened up the dusty, possible rat infested ceiling and started tinkering wires and such! After a few minutes, he said "There, you feel it? It's colder!!" After holding up my hands in the air vent like a fool, I said, "NO, it is not. Bring us to another room please."

And so they did. I had to repack our clothes, drag our tired bodies to another room where thank goodness the air con was working. After settling in, we decided to eat dinner. It was 11 pm. OMG, all their restaurant outlets close at 10 pm. ALL OF THEM. They don't have a 24 hour lobby. We got into our car, went around NUSA DUA and found everything closed!!! Finally, we spotted one restaurant that is open, CHEERS, owned a German guy. We had nachos and calamares. So much for our first night in Bali.

When we complained about the room incident to the reception area, the girl informed us that she is to talk to her manager about it. The next day, she tells us that there will be no compensation or discount because they did after all move us to another room.

Moments like these makes me wish I were back in Manila, where the Managers take care of their clients comfort and satisfaction.

Secondly, although the staff of this resort were friendly enough, it seems to me that the Management needs to be more considerate in their clients wishes and complaints, especially since they are valid.

We were there to attend a wedding and in the ballroom, I was told that the drinks were charged/person, naturally. But since no one asked for soft drinks, the waiters decided to pour 90+ glasses of Cokes and was set aside in a corner. I saw this with my own two eyes. After 30 minutes, the ice of the drink had dissolved which made the drink useless. The mother of the bride complained about this especially since she was being charged approximately US$500.00 for just the darn Cokes!!!! I nearly fell off my chair! While she was refuting this, the waiters started to pass around the soft drinks even to empty seats!! The half water/half Cokes were not even touched. Steffie, who's Events Director of The Peninsula Manila was fuming and despite request to take it out from the bill, they were refused. SO NOT HAPPY.

SC suggested that instead of waiving the Coke fee, that the bride and groom ask for another complimentary room stay in the Villa. REFUSED. Couldn't believe it.

Although undeniable, the beauty of this resort, I am not sure that I will go back to Nusa Dua, more so Ayodya Resort. Rosette, one of my BFF's, pointed out that Kuta or Seminyak are the best areas to stay in. More shopping, restaurants, night life and equally beautiful and clean hotels. I trust her on this. She is the BALI QUEEN.

THANK GOD for the great company and friends that filled our days and nights in Bali. Will post about the wedding soon.


Anonymous said...

seminyak definitely better. not as commercial as kuta but still has "younger" boutique hotels and lots of interesting restaurants and shops open till late.

Ayana Resort and Spa said...

Ayodya Resort, the best one resort in Nusa Dua, Bali.