Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Odd Things in Bali

In every country, there are things that you find a bit odd, funny, quirky and just plain weird. In my trip to Bali, I saw some that caught my attention and thought I would share it with you.

Yum, my favorite, SWEAT and SOUR! Asim!!!

This is the way they transport their piggies around before they slaughter them. It may be prettier than the way we do it here in Manila, but I am not sure if the pigs are comfortable being inside the rattan tube. Wawa naman.

This restaurant is called Cheers! It's owned by this German guy. I like the way he uses face towels as his place mats. After you eat, just grab the towel and wipe off the oil on your face. Easy as pie.

I still have so many stories about my Bali trip. Please be patient with me. Still don't know what to wear to the Gods and Goddesses Ball tomorrow. Can I just go as cupid and wear nothing but wings, bow and arrows?? (wink wink)

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