Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Tatler Bling.

A few days before the ball, I tweeted that I was going to blog about the jewellery that ladies will wear at the Tatler.

I was so not disappointed. I nearly fainted when I saw what my seat mate was wearing. There was just no way for me to look her in the eyes, even if I tried, because the hypnotizing diamonds were doing exactly just that, hypnotizing me.

I wore a necklace that my Mom designed a few years ago. It is now considered Family Jewels because Lucille wore it to her wedding.

But getting back to what I call my $100,000,000 table (no kidding), I started to realize that thanks to the Gawad Kalinga, Red Cross and Tatler Ball, people are actually starting to come out of their safety deposit box and start enjoying their "glimmering toys."

Here's to show you what I am talking about but please, wear a bib, because you WILL drool.

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