Monday, January 26, 2015

The Tasting Room in City of Dreams.

Everyone was talking about it. I couldn't stand not knowing for myself how good it really is. I had to go to my JLC to plan a dinner in The Tasting Room in City of Dreams because I know I can count on this gang to want to try new restaurants and eat well. 

We got the private room where there is a monitor that is focused on the preparation table of the Chef De Cuisine. I think it is a BRILLIANT idea and I was truly glued on the screen watching everything that he and his crew prepared.  

Soon after, the dinner began. 

This trio is just to whet your appetite. I was hoping my friends wouldn't eat theirs so I could have more. It is truly a promise of greater dishes to come. 

First Course: Duck Liver Terrine
Duck Liver Terrine or Foie Gras covered with Spiced Red Wine Jelly. On the plate, there is port wine reduction sauce and strawberry sauce, apple compote, grapes, dried figs/fig chutney, strawberry macaroons and marshmallows, lychee jelly, raspberry powder, finished with honey crisps, green apple chips and pain d'epices. 

Second Course: 52 Degree Egg
The 52 Degree Egg is poached in olive oil for one hour until it reaches 52 degrees. Underneath is caramelized onion and bacon, surrounded by potato mousse, topped with slices of Iberico Ham and porcini/cepes powder and truffles from Perigord. 

(Oh my God.... I am so craving for this right now)

Third Course: 36 Hour Norwegian Salmon
Norwegian salmon is marinated for 36 hours in salt, sugar and spices. On the plate, the green sauce is made from fish stock and greens (spinach, tarragon, coriander, basil). Accompanied with oyster leaf, salmon and herring roe, lemon confit, white, caperberries, orange reduction, cornichons and green mango. 

Fourth Course: Mushroom Ravioli
Ravioli filled with 3 types of mushrooms (button, shitake and porcini) served with mushroom cappuccino foam and cepes powder. 

Fifth Course: Wagyu Beef
Dry aged Wagyu beef served with beef jus and chlorophyll sauce together with smoked cream, potato crisp and truffle mashed potato. 

(I die. Too good for words.)

Sixth Course: Guanaja Chocolate Ganache
Guanaja (70% dark chocolate) cup with ganache and espresso ice cream. It has a spiced cocoa sauce and decorated with crispy chocolate pearls and gold leaf. Not in the photo is a chocolate veloute in a shooter glass. 

More goodies, all very good. 

Thank you Ms. Charisse Chuidian for the complimentary dessert wine. 

I asked Damien Planchenault, Manager of The Tasting Room if I could get a photo of the chef. Not only did I get a photo, he asked us to go inside the kitchen to meet him personally. Another bottle of champagne waited for us and while we were enjoying it, we watched the master at work. 

And then he asked me to light his fire..... (wink wink). 
Watch the video and you'll know what I mean. 

Eric was asked to do the black truffles. 

It was such a great dining experience because not only was the food very delicious, the interactive portion of the night made us all feel very special. 

Thank you to Chef William Manuel Mahi, Damien, Charisse and the whole staff of The Tasting Room for a very memorable evening. 

We will surely spread the word and come back for more. 

City of Dreams, Manila
The Tasting Room

Mecha Uma.

I was cleaning up my iPhoto when I came upon a bunch of pictures that I took when I dined in Mecha Uma with wonderful friends. Although this dinner was back in SEPTEMBER, the experience is still very much alive in my heart AND my grumbling tummy. 

We had the Omakase (10 course degustation) but I can't seem to find one photo to complete it. Guess I will just have to go back and start all over. 

Yes folks, it was THAT good. I don't even want to describe how delicious it was. I just want you to call them, make your reservation and try it out. You can thank me later. 

Thank you to my super awesome friends for the treat!!!! 
Can we go back? Your treat ulit? Hahaha. 
Macky and Bernard Fah, Joanna and Arnold Cabangon, the very talented Chef Bruce Ricketts and your bloggerina. 

G/F RCBC Savings Bank Corporate Center, 25th Streets, cor. 6th and 7th Avenue, 
Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City, Philippines (beside Starbucks Coffee) 
Telephone: +632 801-2770 Mobile: +63 917 544-3226

The Sweet Life by Ange.

Dear Men, 

I prefer to address this post to you because I think that you need to step up when it comes to showing your woman how much you love her. 

Believe me, it will benefit you in the long run. 
As my Mom used to say, "A Happy Wife Makes a Happy Husband".

Now, I believe nothing can make a wife/girlfriend happier than jewelry but for those who want another option, may I suggest flowers or beautiful sweets from The Sweet Life by Ange?

She has an assortment of flower arrangements that will brighten up your girl's day. 

I love the golden mason jars. 

But this is the kicker. Chocolate Glamour Cake is just over the top in the best possible way. 
Mama likes. 

To order your flowers and cake, email

You are welcome, 


Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Punta Del Este!

It is not often when my kids and I are available to spend a weekend all together so when Jody told me that she has no work during the Papal visit and final touches will be done in my newly renovated shop, I decided to spend the weekend away from Manila. 

The main criterion for my destination was accessibility via land transportation. Dennis Lustico recommended Punta del Este, a private resort in Puerto Galera. Googled the place and it looked promising. Originally, we were going to be 10, then the list went down to 8. Eventually, 1 bailed at the last minute so it was just 7 of us.

The first part of the trip did not look too promising. We needed to take a ferry from the Batangas Port, which is one serious mess. We had to pay P30 as terminal fee, and it made me wonder: where does this money go? The toilets are filthy, and smelled like Satan's abattoir (Joel's description, not mine). The smoking lounge, sponsored by Marlboro, had defective doors and no aircon, so the smokers kept the doors open all the time, and we had to inhale their smoke. 

By the entrance, they are burning plastic bottles! The guards seem bothered but they did nothing about it. 

The freaking toilet. 

We bought tickets to the 930 trip. We were told to take Gate No. 3. Turns out all passengers, regardless of the boat that they are taking, go through Gate No. 3. No one guided us, and we went straight to the closest pier, only to be told that we were at the wrong pier, and that we had missed our boat. But, our boat was still docked, but overcrowded. But I don't want to dwell on drama.

Kids on a boat beg for passengers to throw coins into the water and this teenager leaves the two babies on board so he can get the coin. Imagine? A two-three year old on the boat with no supervision? 

When we got to Muelle, the town where our resort is located, we had our own air-conditioned mini-bus that came with our boat ticket. I suggest you pay the extra P20 for this service.

When we got to Punta del Este, the first thing that wowed me, a true flower person, was its garden. It didn't look too landscaped, and I liked that we were surrounded by fruit trees, flowers, bamboos, shrubs, coconuts, and so much more.

Then I saw the view from our terrace. Breathtaking. Calming. Seductive. The water was so clear and clean. The cold wind made me want to sleep outdoors. 

My bedroom had the best view! The pool on the left side and the ocean in front. 

We had Mel to cook our meals for us. We just needed to tell her what we wanted to eat, give her money and she would go to the market everyday. And boy, did she cook well! 

After our first lunch in the villa, it was time for a photo shoot. 

If it wasn't cold and windy, this pool would totally be where we would spend the whole day and night. 

On the second day, I decided to go to the market with Mel to buy food for the kids.  I could not believe how inexpensive food is if you buy it yourself in the market. Meat and vegetables for lunch and dinner cost around P600.00 (to feed 8 people). What I found expensive was the tricycle ride! P70.00 one way! 

Kids baked brownies!

Our breakfast would always be outdoors. So happy here. 

We went around the property and loved every part of it.

We hired a boat to go around the island. We stopped at a beach house owned by a friend of Lulu. It has really awesome pier/bar/sunbathing area. 

We stopped over The Sandbar and saw sheep!!! 

On our last morning, we were very lucky to witness the most beautiful sunrise ever. 

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