Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Joy Luck in OM.

It was only last week when we celebrated the birthdays of Eric and Christine. 

We had it in Old Manila, one of my favorite restaurants. 

My JLC is all about their alcohol. I really wish I could keep up but I am more of a sweet cocktail kinda girl. 

The early birds get to have a selfie. 
Dennis, Cherry, Peter, Ylaine and your bloggerina. 

When the gang was complete, my favorite part started....eating. 

Too hungry to inquire, not sure what this was. All I can recognize from the photo is bacon and balsamic vinegar. Sounds good enough to me. 

This simple salad is a winner. Why? Davao's goat cheese, that's why.

Burrata Cheese with Cherry tomatoes. 

Most tender braised short ribs. 

Pan seared Salmon.

And of course, birthday cakes. 

Happy Birthday friendships!!!! 

Old Manila, The Peninsula Manila

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