Monday, November 27, 2017

Chinese best at Crystal Dragon.

I used to live in QC. For two years now, I have been in Makati because the traffic is just getting worse. It is so bad that going to Fort is already such an effort for me. Spending hours in the car that is 3 kilometers away is just crazy. But what more when you think City of Dreams, right? 

Interestingly enough, I went at 11 am on a Saturday and it took me only 15 minutes. Not only was I ecstatic about how pleasant that experience was, my tummy was going to get a wonderful treat from Crystal Dragon thanks to Charisse Chuidian and her staff! 

Brought the toughest food critic in the world, my Dad, and he was extremely happy with the food! 

With this simple and delightful lunch, I am convinced that even if it will take me an hour to go back to Crystal Dragon, I will surely take on that challenge because it is totally worth the trip. 

A great thanks to the chef for this appetizer. 

Complimentary dessert!! 

City of Dreams, Crystal Dragon. Click below for more information. 

Monday, October 9, 2017

Iza Calzado Goes Rogue with JBD.


Big thanks to Rogue for using Jul B. Dizon Jewellery for this feature. 
Get your copy now!! 

Thursday, September 7, 2017

A Unicorn-filled Birthday for Iza Calzado.

Iza wanted a children's party and we had 5 days to organize it. Along with Cheska, Iza and I did what we could do to fill the pool area with Unicorn magic. 

We absolutely love this Unicorn floater. A rainbow and ice cream floater was a gift from Party Pals.

A super cute pinata.

I still love helium-filled balloons. 

I gave Iza a unicorn carrot cake made by CakesbyMannix (Instagram).

We had pabitin, pinata and palayok as games. 

The Birthday Angels. Cheska, Iza and yours truly. 

The guests. ENJOY!

The men go wild on the pabitin. 

But the women are SAVAGES. 

Carbs allowed today!

The gang.

Nix tries and kills the palayok! Ben assists. 

Check out that power!

Iza, Ruffa, Jordan and Pie. 

Mark Nicdao, b-day girl and Pam Quinones.

Such a cute photo with Pouf cotton candy!

The b-day girl does a duet with JM. 

Karylle, Iza and Jacqueline belt out a song. 

Brother of Iza is a mean rapper!!! 

Better late than never, Tim Yap arrives. 

Ben presents the b-day cake as Iza makes a serious and deep wish. 

Happy Birthday to my sister! I love you!!!