Friday, April 29, 2011

Reegee and Amy's Wedding Tips.

Dear Dizon Family,

The wedding of Reegee and Amy was uber fun. It's been a while since we all got together and it's always such a treat when we do. Mix a lot of happy liquid, a great band and lots of Kodakan will make the party a sure winner!

I took 327 photos but I think the easiest way for me to show you all that is through this slideshow. Enjoy!

Now, for folks out there who need tips on how to party like a rock star, I have taken special photos and captioned them accordingly. The photos alone will actually give you useful information on what to expect and how to do it just right!

Tip 1: If you make your groom drink more than 3 shots, he is automatically considered useless on the wedding night.

Tip 2: Don't ever make Jenny drink shots of Patron unless you want her to bring shame to the family.

Tip 3: We have a lot to thank Rexona for. Don't be stingy when applying it.

Tip 4: Guess what song? Know your dance steps to avoid looking foolish.

Tip 5: Have a pedicure before the wedding. It would look better when you wear your heels to the wedding but taking them off in the reception may be awkward.......

.....especially when you put them right next to your ice tea.

Suffer the child when Mom steps on your naked toes, but then again, bloody red is always a nice color.
Tip 6: PROJECT when you are getting your photos taken.
Your bloggerina and the lovely bride. Congratulations!!!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Jonathan's Farewell Dinner!

It was a sad day for me when I learned that the GM of Peninsula, Jonathan Crook, got assigned to New York Peninsula. We have become good friends with him including his wife, Beliz.

As one of the farewell dinners we had with them, Steffie and I hosted dinner at Establishment. Food was good but I think that their service should be quicker.

Steffie and I got him shorts from C2 and had his initials engraved. We had a kick talking about how he would wear it.

I hope to see you real soon!!! We miss you too much!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

For the Love of Facials!!!

It took me quite some time to decide to post this because I am really putting myself on the line....

I am about to show you just how hideous I look without make up AND with a facial care called Karuma that works well but not in a very glamourous procedure.

Just make sure you are reading this with the lights on, no children and no heart ailment. I am not liable to any fainting, trauma or mental torture that might occur as you read on.

After work, with all the make up, dust, sweat..whatever grime is on my face, I always look forward to washing it all off. When I am not so lazy, I sometimes put on a masque or a nose strip.

Last night, I tried Karuna and decided to document each step to show my male readers the hardship that we women go through to look pretty for them.

STEP ONE, wash your face.

A major revolution in the skin care industry is coming. Inspired by a combination of beauty rituals from East and West and the wisdom of compassion from within, Karuna introduces seven, high-performance, luxury facials that will effectively meet skin care needs of women worldwide.

STEP TWO, get your Karuna and pose for the camera.

Karuna, founded by Linda Wang in 2009, is a luxury skin care line targeting specific skin concerns. Wang was initially intrigued by the beauty regimen of Asian women and their secret to flawless skin and thought of creating a facial application that is serious in taking care of the skin. She then created a beauty culture that fuses East and West to come up with an innovative beauty solution inspired by the wisdom behind Karuna (compassion) and caring. Karuna facial masks are sure to deliver results that pamper, treat, and solve the most common skin care concerns in a fresh, modern way.

STEP THREE, open the packet and lay out the mask on your face.

For a complete facial skin care, Karuna offers six Treatment Masks to choose from, depending on your needs. The Karuna Treatment Masks contain Karuna Beauty Boost, propriety of Chines licorice, aloe vera, chamomile, vitamin B, and plant extracts that efficaciously heal, detox, and renew all skin types. Exfoliation Treatment Mask promises to revive and renew the facial skin while the Anti-Blemish Treatment Mask helps for calming and clarity. Fight signs of aging with Anti-Aging Treatment Mask for vitality and transformation. Look fresh everyday with Hydrating Treatment Mask which helps restore and retain skin’s beauty. Anti-Oxidant Treatment Mask helps protect and balance skin while the Brightening Treatment Mask reveals and enlightens skin.

STEP FOUR, make sure the whole face is covered. (OMG, I can't believe I am showing you this.)

STEP FIVE, peel off the plastic layer and leave the towelette on your face. Dispose plastic sheet.

Masks are made of all-natural fiber cloth which retains 50% more moisture than synthetic fiber cloths, helping pores fully dilate and drink in the paraben-free beneficial ingredients. Made from bio-degradable wood pulp, the cloth used is truly a green and luxurious alternative. Karuna’s special one-step, no-rinse formula lets skin continue to absorb benefits even if mask is removed.

STEP SIX, flatten out the fiber sheet on your face and rub all excess moisturizer on your neck. (I know, I look like a serial killer.)

STEP SEVEN, after 15 minutes, take out fiber sheet and wipe excess moisturizer on the face.

The Karuna Karma Kit is a premium collection of four of the best-selling Karuna masks including the hydrating mask, anti-oxidant mask, exfoliating mask and anti-aging mask which seeks to transform the skin and the way women care for it. Truly, the Karma Kit gives a positive karma your skin truly deserves!

• Anti-Aging
• Anti-Blemish
• Anti-Oxidant
• Brightening
• Exfoliating
• Hydrating
• Karma Kit – Variety Pack

After seeing my horrible photos above, I couldn't wait to layer on the make up to look human again. At least underneath all that make up, my skin is moisturized and fresh, thanks to Karuna.
Available at Beauty Bar.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Nigel Has Hair.

The Ayala Malls continues to provide its customers with innovative entertainment through Style Origin. Presenting a series of lifestyle activities, Filipino shoppers are immersed in contemporary trends for design, beauty, fashion and music as Style Origin encourages personalized creativity and style.

Last April 14, we had a chance to spend time with Mr. Nigel Barker and J. Alexander at the Hotel Intercontinental.

Ayala has brought him here in Manila to promote his latest book, BEAUTY EQUATION.

I think Nigel is hot hot hot. As in sizzling sisig hot! So just imagine my surprise when I see him walk in the room...WITH HAIR!!!!

I wanted to bring him to Toni & Guy for a good old head shave to bring him back to his handsomely bald self.

He said, "I have to keep it this way for a while because Tyra likes it."

Well Tyra, here's what I think...."Pakalbo mo siya kung hindi, ikaw ang sasabunutan ko, GERRLLFRIEND!!!"

J. Alexander was a riot. I think he and I would make very good friend because what I love most about my gay friends is when they have a great sense of humor.

It's amazing how smooth, hairless and shiny his legs are!!
We all loved the shoes.
Ginggay and her signature hot legs and mega high heels.
Seatmate, Joey Mead.

Going blonde for FASH, Bianca Valerio looked stunning.

I couldn't stop looking at Bianca because for some reason, I thought she looked so much like Charlize Theron.