Monday, April 28, 2014

Throw Back September, Pistoia!

If you think that I am done blogging about my Italian Escapade with the fam that happened last year, then you are wrong. There's still so many that I need to share with you about that experience. 

After our 7 day cruise, the family stayed in Pistoia for a week. My aunt found this secluded place that is just breathtaking. 

We got the whole place to ourselves. We were 12 traveling and the place was all ours. 

This is the main apartment. It is where everyone got together to eat and plan our days. 

This is my Dad and Galo's bedroom.

The bathroom passes my standards. 

On the same apartment, on the second floor, was Ginny and Cedric's bedroom. 

My 2 story apartment, I shared with Jacqueline and 2 nieces. I failed to take a photo of their bedroom. 

Apartment 3 is where three of my Aunties stayed. 

We all had complete kitchenettes, sofa beds in our units, wifi and a view of an olive oil farm. We also have a pool and only the kids had the strength and courage to swim despite the chilly weather.

Since the owner is a tennis coach, he has a tennis court for the guests to use! 

Here's the Dizon family with the owners, David and Alessandra. 

I give this place 5 stars.....

.....Because Candy Says So....

Friday, April 25, 2014

Maureen and Daniel's Wedding.

I have two million and 56 things I need to post on here and I promise to get those done within the next few days but for today, let me start out with the wedding of Maureen and Daniel. 

Nearly two weeks ago, this gang (photo below) headed towards Tagaytay in preparation for M and D's wedding. I drove. Yes people, I am a very good driver so the lives of Bea, Ria, Janina and Dennis were in good hands. 

The Prieto Estate in Tagaytay Highlands is beautiful. We were lucky enough to be allowed to stay in Tessa's home, had dinner in Ms. Marixi's home and lunched at Sandy's. Thank you so very much!!!

For dinner, we were served salad and steak. 

This is their home. 

We have Paolo and Ria Prieto to thank for this wonderful accommodation. 

Janina and Ria.

The day of the wedding arrived. It was held at Maureen's brother's hacienda. 
The spot where the vows were exchanged was breathtaking. Under huge trees, which gave us shade, the wind was blowing to cool us off and the afternoon temperature dropped a little as if giving in to the couple's request. 

Down the pathway Maureen and her father walked. She was wearing a Valentino gown and a veil/cape was of course, by the House of Disini. 

The fashion industry came in full force to show some love and support to the couple. 

Here's your bloggerina with Liza Ilarde and Jo Ann Bitagcol. 

Joey Samson, Ivar Aseron and Luis Espiritu. 

Macky Fah. (Can you tell what my good angle is?)

Reception was held at Antonio's. It was set up beautifully. 

Dinner was delicious but since it was a long way home, we skipped the dessert. 

Ria, Jo Ann, Ivar, Joey, Dennis, yours truly, Paolo, Bea and sitting are Mel Cuevas and the radiant bride, Maureen Disini.

Congratulations Maureen and Daniel!!! Wishing you only happiness and bliss forever!

Thursday, April 3, 2014


I know for a fact that it hasn't really been exciting going to Believe me, everyday, I would tell myself to go back into it and write something even just a tad bit interesting or funny. 

Truth is, this is what I would rather be doing. 


But as it is, I have been getting a lot of sleep already because I hardly go out at night anymore. In fact, the more sleep I get, the more sleep I want during the day. 

So when I can squeeze it in, I go to the gym. 

I just can't wait for my London trip! So many friends will be there at the same time, thanks to the PAL promo. I got mine for $1,095 for roundtrip business class. That's such a good deal. 

But for now, I have to make moolah because everyone is telling me how darn expensive everything is in the UK. 

So for now, please be patient and give Candifier a few more weeks to go back to posting more regularly. 

Love my readers. I really do. All 6 of you.