Monday, April 28, 2014

Throw Back September, Pistoia!

If you think that I am done blogging about my Italian Escapade with the fam that happened last year, then you are wrong. There's still so many that I need to share with you about that experience. 

After our 7 day cruise, the family stayed in Pistoia for a week. My aunt found this secluded place that is just breathtaking. 

We got the whole place to ourselves. We were 12 traveling and the place was all ours. 

This is the main apartment. It is where everyone got together to eat and plan our days. 

This is my Dad and Galo's bedroom.

The bathroom passes my standards. 

On the same apartment, on the second floor, was Ginny and Cedric's bedroom. 

My 2 story apartment, I shared with Jacqueline and 2 nieces. I failed to take a photo of their bedroom. 

Apartment 3 is where three of my Aunties stayed. 

We all had complete kitchenettes, sofa beds in our units, wifi and a view of an olive oil farm. We also have a pool and only the kids had the strength and courage to swim despite the chilly weather.

Since the owner is a tennis coach, he has a tennis court for the guests to use! 

Here's the Dizon family with the owners, David and Alessandra. 

I give this place 5 stars.....

.....Because Candy Says So....

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