Monday, April 22, 2013

Strip It Good.

I love steak. I really really love it. I mean, totally love it. 

So when SFV and AV invited us to Strip Steakhouse in Solaire, I cancelled whatever I had that evening. I was NOT going to miss this. 

Had to take a photo of the floral arrangement. It's simple but the size and rare colors of these Hydrangeas are amazing. 

After ordering, we were served bread. I tried to stay away so that I could have all the stomach space especially for the steak. 

We were offered our choice of steak knives. There's really no difference from each other except the color of the handle. I chose the red one, of course. 

When it arrived.....things got pretty serious around the table. 

I suggest you eat your steak rare. It's really the best way. 
And yes, each steak comes with bone marrow goodness. 

We also ordered side dishes like mushrooms, potatoes and such but I think, you just go straight for what you are really there for. The meat. 

I was very happy with my New York Strip Loin. 

Always happy to receive complimentary chocolates for dessert.

Thank you so much for this very special evening of fun, good food and wonderful stories! 

Strip Steakhouse, Solaire

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Sense and Style, April 2013.

A big thank you to AA Patawaran for featuring Jul B. Dizon's rebranding event last February. 

Can't tell you how much I love the spread. The write up is heartwarming and everything else in this issue is such an interesting read.

Please grab your copy now. 

Love you AAP!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

FAME, The Design and Lifestyle Event.

With so much to see, one must wear comfy shoes. This I did not do during my visit to FAME last March. Call me crazy but I wore my 4 inch heeled shoes that I thought were so comfy until my 3rd hour of wearing it. 

Anyway, first thing I see, our favorite lifestyle store, FIRMA. They popularized the use of ostrich eggs in lamps here in Manila. This time, it seems to me (looking at the photo) that they have metalized (if there is such a word) it to give it a more modern metallic look to it. 

And then a pleasant surprise. I bumped into beautiful friends. 

I saw these really cute throw pillows with embroidered carabao by Tara. 

Ann Ong for Imperial Nova. 


Nominated for Best Product Design for Fashion is this bag with the twig handle. Adorable. 

Maco Custodio gets serious with work with his line of black, gray and white collection of bags. 

Spotted Maco's "pinocchio" shoes. It's leather and he made it look like wood! 

Nicole Whisenhunt exhibits her fun pieces! 

Fellow jeweler, Kristine Dee joins Manila Fame once again. 

Dennis Lustico wasn't around when I was there but I love his new crystal clear clutch with chain collection (yes folks, that's 5 C's). 

Bag designer and manufacturer, Ms. Amina Aranaz. 

Bringing the Barong Tagalog into the future. 

Look Lucille, I want these wooden, hand carved chandeliers. 

This swinging chair is too awesome for words. Made by Catalina. 

Ito Kish, a name synonymous to FAME, this guy brought Manila Fame into a new level of excellence. Proud to know him and proud to be a Filipino because of him.

Cutest thing..... This table/cabinet/mega jewellery box designed by Ana Rocha for Designs Ligna. Best thing about it? You can customize it according to the size, compartments and color that you want! Something to look into, right Ginny?

Hey Chuvaness, look at how Rita wears her Heather Miss Grey.

Go Pinoy!!! Can't wait for the next one! 

Ate Alice in her Birthday Wonderland.

How grateful am I to have a friend like Ate Alice? Let me count the ways.....

Her kind and beautiful soul is contagious. Everyone that is touched by her friendship is constantly given an education about generosity and gratitude at the same time. 

I do not know of a person more busy than Ate Alice but she always makes time for her family and friends. A perfect tribute to what a mother/sister/friend should be. 

Last month, Ate celebrated her birthday and I was fortunate enough to have been invited. I used the word fortunate because Ate Alice runs around in a society where I am just an onlooker, a fan to the stars and celebrity friends that I normally just read about. 

As you know, I have entered the world of LOLA PLANET. I hardly go out anymore and I always look forward to being on my bed playing Muffin Knight. 

But of course, this evening was NOT to be missed. 

First, the food. KAI did an amazing job in serving top quality sushi, sashimi, oysters, boneless lechon, salad and my ultimate favorite, STEAK. 

The table setting was gorgeous. 

The birthday cake came out...yes all 10 feet of it. It had 7 kinds of cake so that whatever your sweet tooth may desire, the cake will grant. Kudos to whoever made it.

The greatest thrill of all? My favorite girls, including the birthday girl were all wearing Jul B. Dizon Jewellery. I felt proud and I just want to say it out loud! 

Here's Ate and Grace. 

LOVE LOVE LOVE your look. 

Cong. Lucy T. Gomez. 

Sweetest couple of the decade, Victor and Liz. 

And before I went home to my Muffins.....I had to take a photo with the Master Showman himself. 

Ate Alice, I love you and you know it.