Monday, April 8, 2013

Fun at Fundacion Pacita.

For me, there's only one place to stay in Basco, Batanes and that is the Fundacion Pacita.

The moment we drove up the long driveway, I could already tell that this is what will make our stay in Batanes extra special. The place is sitting on top of a hill with a 360 degree view of the ocean and mountains that's just truly breathtaking. 

Made me miss Mom so much. She would have loved it here. 

For a while, I almost decided that this would be where I will get married. I mean, as soon as I have a groom to even talk about. Absolutely love the blue painted chairs and benches. 

Now, fortunately, for city girls like me and my daughters, we were able to get a room inside the main house. This is the main dining room. 

And this is my room with the girls. Isn't it quaint?? 
I told my girls to sleep in one bed while I take the extra bed near the window. 

Outside my room is a balcony where I stayed for about 2 hours trying to get a tan. If you see me now, however, you will realize that it didn't work. 

My Daddy-O got this room by the garden. 

I think his bathroom is too cute for words. Tight but cute. 

To get to where Janina and Lucille are at, you must go through a garden filled with topiary like bushes. I don't know what to call them. First thing that came into my mind is bush balls but that sounds nasty. 

Although I appreciate the awesomeness of their gardener, this reminds me of Aliens, the movie. 

But I love it anyway. I mean, with a view like this, wouldn't you? 

Poem by Ginny Dizon from her Batanes trip back at 2010.  
It's so cute, simple and direct to the point that I had to share it with you. Hope she doesn't kill me. 

how I miss Batanes!
the experience was quite priceless!

even though it was so hot
that I would sweat a lot!

trekking up and down the hills so far
that I thought my skin would char

though I slipped in the boat, by the bench
and stubbed my toe, my shoes got drenched

and though there was no ice to cool
my drink, nor was there any pool

though I would stink to high heaven
for I was out all day till after 7

and at night there was no power
in the dark we took our shower

for though these inconveniences
would normally be great annoyances.

but …

all the people there were friendly
took real good care of me and company

nothing was too great or too small
to please us one and all

and those hills and shores
sure kept me out of doors

so picture perfect were they
no words can ever convey

the daily lobsters were a sin
but one we loved to indulge in

and those lighthouses so noble
seem to act the sentinel

mooing cows, crowing roosters, goats that bleated
roamed all about unimpeded

those rocks down Valugan Bay
must-see by the first light of day

there is much to see and do
oh Batanes how I miss you!


Anonymous said...

wow!! bahay niyo yan???

Candy B. Dizon said...

OMG I wish.

Anonymous said...

Incredibly fabulous!!!
Relaxing view so nice to be back to Mother Nature..

Anonymous said...

Fabulous view.. Such an incredible gift from Mother Nature..