Monday, April 22, 2013

Strip It Good.

I love steak. I really really love it. I mean, totally love it. 

So when SFV and AV invited us to Strip Steakhouse in Solaire, I cancelled whatever I had that evening. I was NOT going to miss this. 

Had to take a photo of the floral arrangement. It's simple but the size and rare colors of these Hydrangeas are amazing. 

After ordering, we were served bread. I tried to stay away so that I could have all the stomach space especially for the steak. 

We were offered our choice of steak knives. There's really no difference from each other except the color of the handle. I chose the red one, of course. 

When it arrived.....things got pretty serious around the table. 

I suggest you eat your steak rare. It's really the best way. 
And yes, each steak comes with bone marrow goodness. 

We also ordered side dishes like mushrooms, potatoes and such but I think, you just go straight for what you are really there for. The meat. 

I was very happy with my New York Strip Loin. 

Always happy to receive complimentary chocolates for dessert.

Thank you so much for this very special evening of fun, good food and wonderful stories! 

Strip Steakhouse, Solaire

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