Friday, March 30, 2012

Fake LV!

It's fake from 168.
With the price tag of P58.
It's Louis Buitton 
And it's for all my tapon.

My house is so klazz now. 
With my brown and gold trash can. 
I am sure LV, Paris will say "HOLY COW!"
But I say, it's so much better than Orocan!

Monday, March 26, 2012

PQ for Weddings at The Peninsula.

Bridal Fair at The Peninsula Manila.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Book Drive!

I love my family.
I love my friends. 
I love my life. 
I don't love to read all that much BUT I know who does. 
The kids of Lepanto Elementary School and High School. 
I asked my friends for books. 
They help!
God bless you for your generosity. 
It's not too late.
Please donate your old books. 
It will go a long way. 
Thank you.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Josie Natori Collection!

Discover the newest addition of Josie Natori Ready-to-Wear Spring/Summer collection as it opens its first boutique in Manila! Feminine, expressive, seductive and with a true essence of glamour—these sum up the Ready-to-Wear collection of Josie Natori. 


 The launch of Josie Natori’s Ready-to-Wear collection in Rustan’s takes fashion to new heights with its intricate and hand-finished details, which can be said as the ultimate expression of the art of Natori. The most opulent fabrics, complemented by the most dramatic silhouettes make for an unmatched transformation. 


 The collection embodies the spirit of the lotus, a symbol of beauty and optimism, and truly captures the essence of what the designs are all about. With a look back to the French colonial past of Indochine, Josie Natori Ready-to-Wear Spring/Summer 2012 collection moves forward into the next season with vibrant hues and modern silhouettes. The collection evokes the gentle shapes and grace of the Indochine women, captures the textures and energy of the busy Vietnam streets and awakens the colors and prints of the decorated pagodas and temples. 

 Modern and refined, this ready-to-wear collection was made with a Natori state of mind. Providing women with the chance to be able to move effortlessly from day to night, the collection boasts of designs that will take your breath away. With signature prints, rich colors and Eastern details, the collection is easily illustrated as versatile, timeless, unexpected and yet, always feminine. 

 Layered up or down, Josie Natori’s Ready-to-Wear Spring/Summer 2012 collection is truly elegance at its best. 

These bags are to die for. Really light, classy and very well made. 

Ms. Josie Natori herself was helping us choose from her collection. This kaftan is our favorite. The colors, materials and detail is perfect but it does come with a hefty price tag. P108,000. 

 The new Josie Natori RTW boutique is located on the 2nd floor, Ladies section Rustan’s Makati and in Rustan’s Shangri-La Mall. For more information, you may call Rustan’s Makati at 813-3739 or Rustan’s Shangri-La at 633-4636 or 50.

Beso Cucina Vinoteka.

My JLC loves to wine and dine in new places. When we heard about Beso, we decided to bring the gang and see what it has to offer. Good thing we was packed!

The Sangria seemed to lack wine because my gang ordered 2 bottles of red wine and started pouring some into the pitcher. As you may know, I am not a drinker. I don't like the taste of wine. Not red nor white. I just don't like it. I am more the girly kinda drinker...meaning, fruity flavored that's sweet and masks the taste of alcohol. 

Anyway, the food arrived and everything seemed going well with the taste EXCEPT for one thing. We all found the dishes too salty. The quality of meat, seafood and vegetables were great except that excess of salt in almost all the dishes. 

But all in all, we don't mind going back because at the end of the night, our bill was not over the top and the atmosphere of the place was enjoyable. 

Bonifacio High Street Central
The Fort
Taguig City, Metro Manila
(0926) 614-9695


Gorgeous, healthy hair is the key to beauty and no other than Jacques Dessange knows how to enhance a woman’s crowning glory. This conviction has been masterfully encapsulated in DESSANGE, the newest hair care range designed to enhance the beauty of all women naturally.

Sophisticated and elegant, DESSANGE House draws its inspiration from Nature, a source of beauty and youth, which provides many of the active ingredients, which enrich product lines. DESSANGE creates products that respect the well-being of all. Combining the benefits of nature, the products and packaging are made environmentally friendly. The brand is committed to ethics and the environment through its daily actions towards women and its ranges of high-quality natural products. Thus DESSANGE, an active, forward-looking and glamorous brand, elegantly combines scientific efficacy, quality expertise and the pleasure of a luxury signature. Beautify with DESSANGE and its products that match each beauty ritual.

DESSANGE Paris is a line of hair-care products, styling products, make-up and accessories reflecting the brand's "House of Luxury" spirit: femininity, refinement, elegance and expertise. DESSANGE Paris combines lavish textures and innovative formulas with the effective Black Pearl Resides, known for its fortifying, remineralizing, and anti-aging virtues. Aside from the black pearl, this range also has an airy texture, lightly scented with jasmine, white musk, and precious woods. Inspired by cutting edge cosmetics, DESSANGE Paris seduces with its black, white, and silver bottles, combined with feminine and sensuous lines.

Hairstylist, colorist, and make-up artist Camille Albane, offers customized services for every woman’s needs. The Camille Albane line reflects the brand's Rive Gauche spirit and its identity of femininity, boldness, modernity and conviviality that perfectly sums up the Camille Albane woman− a woman of expression, who expects results that reveal her personal style. Camilla Albane’s range of products have ingredients that zero in on the various needs of a woman’s hair: Henna Argan for all hair types, Citron for color-treated and highlighted hair; Orange and Honey for damaged, dry and brittle hair; Henna and Pomegranate for hair that’s weak and stressed; Fig for unruly and frizzy hair. Offering customized services to develop a personal, individual harmony for every woman, the Camille Albane line keeps hair healthy and radiant for unbelievable moisture and manageability.

The Phytodess line is hair-care expertise that emphasizes nature as a rich source of beauty. Real beauty care for the scalp and hair, the PHYTODESS products combine nature, luxury and hair expertise to reveal and enhance the hair’s beauty. Maintain your hair’s color and shine with products that are specifically made to keep the hair’s radiance while nourishing it and without weighing the hair down. At the heart of unique formulas, colored clays, essential oils, trace elements plus precious stones and metals are gathered together with delicate textures and subtle fragrances for real moments of pleasure. With natural ingredients that ensure that hair is always at its best, Phytodess creates a personalized hair care ritual to adapt to your hair’s needs.



True to its vision, DESSANGE has artfully intertwined the elegance of luxury, excellence, and respect for women and nature with their topnotch beauty products suited for every need. Take the natural course and be beautiful with DESSANGE.

ACCA KAPPA: The Right Brush!

ACCA KAPPA: The Right Brush!

It was moment of new beginnings for Acca Kappa and Creations by Lourd Ramos Salon. Italian brand Acca Kappa recently launched the Protection brush, another star to its range of superior brushes.  Made of reforested beech wood, its looped bristles gently massage the scalp for microcirculation, while the nylon-looped pins, easily untangles hair. A welcome addition to Acca Kappa’s bath and body is the Green Mandarin line that includes shampoo, conditioner, shower gel and liquid hand wash among others. The launch took place at the new flagship Creations by Lourd Ramos Salon, which has chosen to carry the renowned Acca Kappa brand.

Your bloggerina with Lourd Ramos. 

His brand new salon is located at 2F Cedar Executive Building I, 1006 Arnaiz Avenue, San Lorenzo, Makati City.

8467500, 8469258, 8463916



I relaxed as I witnessed a unique hair transformation personally done by the Creations staff with the aid of Acca Kappa brushes and the new Green Mandarin line of products. I left feeling fabulous as my crowning glory only became more glorious!