Friday, April 30, 2010


This might be old news and this photo must have been posted all over already....but I just saw it now and I am sure some of you haven't, so I want to share. Nadya Suleman's tummy when she was carrying 8 babies in her tummy.

I want to faint.....

Before the Havoc!

It was our last night in Tokyo. We were sad. We needed to party like rock stars.

For dinner, we went right across the street from Peninsula, Tokyo. COVA is the restaurant's name. It is quaint, quiet and most importantly, NEAR our hotel. My legs were about to give up from so much walking.

We were not sure if we will be meeting up with the other party peeps that evening for dinner so we decided to keep it light and simple. (In other words...nagtitipid na!! BWA HA HAHAA)

But of course, we had to have our happy liquid. Food is not as important. AA members will attest to that.

Now I am not sure if there is FREELOADER spelled on my forehead with permanent ink but the manager decides to gives us complimentary dessert!!! But then again, I think it is because of the powers of JLo that we were given one. Anyway, everything was good but the company was even better.

Afterwards, we went back to the hotel to rest and get ready to go to PETER of the Peninsula. More drinking makes the world go round! Literally.

Round 2 for the evening...but there's more to come...stay tuned...


Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Tears on My Face!

I loved them back in the 80's when they were young and hot. I practically memorized all their songs but I need a refreshment course. If I had the money back then I would have watched them when they performed in LA when we used to live there. But I didn't...but now...TFF are coming to Manila. And my financial status is guess what......THE SAME. So this poor lil' girl is grateful for the Divine Mercy and great friends with connections, that I get to watch them on Sunday.

Still love Tears for Fears even if they are old like me.

JLo Stays in My Circle of Trust.

JLo did it again....this is his Modus Operandi. We will order. We let him do most of the ordering because he knows what's best.

The food comes. No one is allowed to eat until your bloggerina takes a photo of the dish. Everyone that has dined with me knows this.

When having tea after a huge meal, Joey asks to be excused because he needs to wash his hands. At first, we do not suspect a thing. It is normal to want to wash your hands after a meal. But after 3 restaurants...we get scared every time he excuses himself.

First, I make sure he leaves his bag when he goes to the washroom. Second, I need to follow him just to make sure he really does go to the restroom. But for this particular dinner where we had the pleasure of Adam Mathis, Batty and their little boys company, I wasn't fast enough.

He took care of the bill which causes a little bit of drama (especially on my side). I told him to behave if he wants to stay in MY CIRCLE of TRUST.

So anyway, another dinner at Tsuki No Shizuku (Japanese Style Pub) for FREE. They have an electronic remote menu and all you have to do is click on the photos of the dishes you want to order and within minutes, VOILA, your food arrives. It's REALLY YUMMY. Even the fried chicken alone is to die for.

Life is good, thanks to awesome friends.

I am in love....

Tsuki no Shizuku
5159-0250. Ginza / Izakaya. Ginza 3-1, Ginza Inz B1F
Open 11: 30am-2, 4-11pm daily. Sun

Scones, Tea and Mojitos!

Joey decided to give us another treat in Bulgari Hotels and Resorts in Ginza. It's an exclusive rooftop restaurant/bar. With one phone call, JLo was able to get us a table.

It was a sight to behold.

I ordered a mojito at 4 pm!

Scones for Joie and Steffie.

Super strong martini for JLo.

Like tourists....nakakahiya!

Before we knew it, it was night time.

This is my dream for Jul B. Dizon Jewellery. Actually a dream of my mom that she passed on to me. A building where we have all our favorite things in.

First floor would be our pastry shop.

Second floor is the flower shop.

Third floor is the jewellery store.

Fourth would be the MEN'S Department. (This is more of my dream, not mom's)

Fifth is the rooftop bar/restaurant/lounge (much like Ravel Rooftop in NYC)

Seriously though, I want to make this happen (even without the Men's Department, sniff sniff). Looking for investors!