Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Getting Married in Peninsula.

No, not me...not yet...

It was the "Weddings at the Peninsula" event last weekend and it was a blast. It was so successful that we all went home happy, satisfied and grateful to Stephanie Chong and Peninsula family for making us a part of it. What a wonderful job she did for this event.

When I say us, that means, Dennis Lustico, Puey Quinones, James Reyes, Ivar Aseron, Jun Escario, Emi Jorge, Amina Alunan, Joey Samson and Bergamo. We occupied the lobby and it was called the Designer's Lane.

Thank you to Moss Manila Event Design House for the furniture that added so much class to our area. Forsc Ink provided the lights and made the dresses and the stands glow.

I love all the flower arrangements. It made me miss my mom so much because she was a florist as well and she would have loved to see this. In house Peninsula florist, Anna Fay Rosal did an outstanding job creating 4 different themes in the ballroom using 4 seasons as inspiration.





Old Manila was used for the food and wine tasting and showed a table set up that may be used for your special day.

Olga Azarcon of Moet & Hennessy provided bottles and bottles of different kinds of bubbly enough to get me drunk for 5 years. I only had one glass and I was red like a lobster.

Rustan's took the whole Conservatory to showcase all the lovely things a bride and groom would ever want.

Assistant F & B Manager, Adam Lifshitz took care of promoting VOSS sparkling water which is now available at all outlets of the Peninsula.

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