Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Tokyo, Day One.

On my way home to Manila, I was already thinking about how I would start my blog about my Tokyo trip. I have 380 photos which I want to share but of course I don't want you to get bored with it.

We did so much in the 5 days that we were there and I want to tell you guys about it in detail but that would take me years.

Let me start by showing you my travel buddies. When we arrived, we had to open up our luggage inside the airport to get the thick clothing out. It was so cold!!!

Our sweet suite!! 2 beds with a sofa bed for Joie. We put her there because she got to fly business class anyway. SC and I were somewhat punishing her but come to think of it, she had a bigger bed all to herself!

What I will most about Tokyo are the toilets. The heated seats, robotic functions, heated water wash, massage and as soon as you enter the toilet area, the cover automatically opens up. I mean, talk about spoiled! But seriously, these toilets were made for hygienic purposes. You don't even need to touch any part of the toilet seat. Ok, enough about the toilet.

In our room, we had our own LAVAZZA coffee machine and boy oh boy...we used it to the max!!! We must have had 7 cups a day because it was so good (and free). Regular cup of coffee in the lobby or bakery is $9.00. Imagine that!

They knew three girls were coming so they were very prepared with everything in sets of three. Such service!!

Our walk in closet was spacious enough for the three of us but after a 2 days, it was beginning to look like a war zone. This is when our luggage was still intact.

Executive Chef, Adam Mathis prepared a little something for our arrival. Sweets and assorted fresh vegetables with 4 kinds of dip.

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