Thursday, April 22, 2010

Tsukiji Market!

We decided to eat in the seafood market called Tsukiji Market. It was somewhat like Dampa but cleaner and more sossy because they had wagyu beef and all kinds of steaks that you can have them cook on the spot.

Tuna sashimi smothered in roe. They pack it all while you wait. It looked good but I sort of felt that they really empty the ocean with life.

I mean, check out all that fish eggs! And this was just one box in one stall. I didn't buy.

Freshest, most beautiful strawberries I have ever seen. Around US$5.20 per pack. Super worth it.


Joie trying out the tamago.

All sorts of tuna sashimi.



Assorted packed nuts and dried seafood.

All kinds of meat!!

Where we ended up eating was this small place where they grill and cook all sorts of seafood. It was all so delicious but even if it is a place like this, it wasn't cheap. US$72.00 for us 3. But then again, we did have about 10 pieces of tempura, 6 pieces of huge oysters, 2 orders of scallops, 2 bowls of rice and 1 order of crab legs.

It's a must to try Tsukiji Market, especially if you are a seafood lover. Make sure you bring wet tissue for your hands! By the way, tipping is not encouraged in Japan. And even if you don't have to tip, you still get amazing service. Love it!

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Joy Manuel said...

seafood heaven!!!! Great pics, Candy! Thanks :-)