Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Tokyo, First Night.

We walked around the area, making sure we don't stray too far since we are in unfamiliar grounds. It was also drizzling and windy and very cold. We chose a small, bright and warm place to have our dinner. The waiters and sushi masters were really friendly. It was easy to order because all you have to do is to point at what you want from the menu. They also seem to know more English than the people from Hong Kong. I love the service and their attitude to assist always with a smile and a bow.

After dinner, we had to walk off all the food that we ate and saw this beautiful flower shop that just opened that afternoon.

It was too cold and we wanted to try out the Peninsula SPA. I didn't bring my gym clothes but I did have my bathing suit. The two girls worked on the treadmill and I worked on my 20 laps. I succeeded but later on, I regretted it BIG TIME.

Your bloggerina had the pool ALL to herself until a super hairy man came and swam. Time to go. :)

We were all tired and was able to sleep soundly.

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Anonymous said...

WOW on the food, flowers and the pool ...and eeeww on the super hairy man LOL!