Thursday, April 22, 2010

My Tokyo BFF.

You might be wondering who this HYM next to us in some of the photos I have already posted. Well, let me introduce this new character in my life. He is not only hot hot hot, he is also super nice, kind, friendly and sossy! Sorry girls, he's not interested. Meet Joey. My sister calls him JLo. He took charge of our itinerary and we are so glad he did. He brought order and peace to our schedule. He showed us the places to we shouldn't miss and to so many temples, you won't believe it. More on the temples later on....

But honestly, is he not hot?

We were in the subway and there was a poster promoting a movie of some sort and he casually pointed to his ex. Ok, calm down people but JLo's ex is a Japanese movie star!!! That instantly made him part of my circle of friends. BWA HA HA HA!!

Anyway, he took us to this coffee shop called La Viola which we loved!! Check out the coffee art!

Your Manilayukis and the Japanese tour guide.

Anyway, he treated us to this kushiage style lunch. Kushi means stick and age means to fry. The name of the restaurant is Akinobe and it is where we devoured about 12 sticks of assorted tempura style meat, seafood and vegetables in sticks each.

Here's JLo showing us how to make the sauces.

The server would come by our table to put more sticks of goodies on our plate.

...and more...

...and more!

An asparagus toast to JLo!!!


Anonymous said...

is j lo available.

Candifier said...

Oh yes.... Please send your resume to me first. :)

Anonymous said...

and for the lady in red - are resumes accepted as well?