Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Tokyo, Day Two.

We woke up late. Joie was in charge of making the coffee. Three girls, one toilet, one bath. You do the math and guess how long it took us all to get ready.

Anyway, we were going to meet up with Adam Mathis, the former Exec. Chef here in Manila who's now based in Peninsula Tokyo. I noticed that he is looking very refreshed and good. I think that at one point, I even called him hot. I guess Tokyo is being very good to him.

We decided to go down to the Boutique and wait for him there. On the way, I saw lovely cakes being worked on. The pastry kitchen was open for all to see! They have nothing to hide and ready to show off their talent, skills, descipline and cleanliness! I am so impressed and wanted AG to see it all!!

Their creation on display! I wanted to eat them all.

While waiting for Adam, we walked around and saw the Peninsula Flowers. Every time I see a flower shop or a nice arrangement, my heart always skips a beat and my eyes starts to tear. My mom would have loved to see all the flowers and the way they arrange them.

Adam arrived and after a good chat, we were off to see Tokyo during the day. The sun was out and we were ready to conquer.

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