Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Carmina and Mike!

Mr. and Mrs. Mike Jacob. It was made official three weeks ago here in Peninsula Hotel. It was a very quaint and beautiful wedding that were attended by close friends and family members. I am honored to have been one of them. Carmina wore a very sexy dress by Puey Quinones and of course, I took care of the "something borrowed" and lent her diamond stud earrings. She was breathtakingly gorgeous.

The set up was done by Ferdi Salvador who also provided a lot of laughs and stories and car passes. (haha, inside joke)

The gang with your bloggerina.

The awesome foursome.
To Carmina and Mike, my warmest wishes for a happy and successful marriage. Can't wait to see the baby boy!!!

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CarminaS said...

Cands! Thank you for being a special part of our special day. It was so nice to get to spend the day (and the following morning, lunch and afternoon!) with such fun people who truly wish the best for Mike and I. It turned out to be perfect... thanks to friends like you. We are forever grateful!!! Love, Carmina