Monday, April 26, 2010

Liam's First!

We decided on a LUAU. All things Hawaiin is easy and fun. All grilled meat, lots of pineapples, coconut and tropical flowers. Lucille and I got it all worked out when 3 days before the party, my dad said he wanted to cook and he will be making PAELLA, CALLOS and LENGUA.

Ok....I guess Spanish and Hawaiin can still go need to be on a strict theme although I love sticking to the theme. Anne, Lucille and I worked on the flowers and set up of the dining area. My mom would have been proud.

This is AG's gift to Liam. A volcano with lava spurting out with chocolate coconut trees! It is made of Chocolate Fudge Brownie sponge cake with chocolate ganache cream. There's no styrofoam on this one babe. ALL FUDGE CAKE even the volcano! Guess what we will be having for dessert for the next few months.

Sonja's Cupcakes provided Hawaiin sweets!

CJ decided to screw up the theme a bit more and got BALUT and PENOY!

Here's what our cooks prepared.

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