Thursday, June 28, 2012

Gay Versus Becky's.

Ok.....relax lang kayong mga badings. This is not about you. 
I am talking about SANS RIVAL. 

Last night, we had a birthday party and when I tweeted about who has the best sans rival, I got 2 answers. Becky's and Gay Vasquez. 

So I decided to order both and do a survey with my family who are crazy about desserts. 

Gay Vasquez: 
MACADAMIA Sans Rival. P950.00, 7 x 11 x 3 inches.
When I opened the box, it was nice and chilled. The macadamia gave it an expensive and more exotic look. We all know how much these nuts are and there was an abundance of it as topping. 
When I sliced it, it was crunchy perhaps so crunchy that I made a bit of a mess because of the crumbs. 
But once it was out of the box, air did it's work and made the cake chewy and gooey just the way we like it. The macadamia nuts are awesome. Love the combination of everything that makes it....well...Macadamia Sans Rival. 

Sans Rival, P750.00, 8 x 12 x 3 inches. 
Once I opened the box, I saw an aluminum package covered in clear plastic wrap. 
Not very pretty and one of my friends said that PDEA might suddenly come and arrest us because the cake looked like smuggled drugs. 

We were surprised to see peanut brittle as topping. I sliced it and this time, instead of a crunchy texture, it was chewy. A struggle with the knife but that's exactly how some people like it, especially Lucille. 

The thing is, after you have swallowed the cake and the cream, you are still chewing on the peanut brittle which has a very strong flavor. Therefore the sans rival competes with the taste of the brittle. 

We enjoyed both cakes because we truly LOVE Sans Rival but majority voted for 


Gay Vasquez' cake. 
Actually, I vote for GV cake too. 

Next challenge, 
Gave Vasquez' Macadamia sans rival against Delize Pistachio sans rival
I can't wait. 


Gay Vasquez


Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The FARMer in Me.

I was hoping that I didn't have to say anything about this post and let the photos tell you the whole story about my weekend at The Farm but I was afraid you would say that I am lazy. 

Actually, I am. After checking out the photos once again, I just want to turn back time and do this weekend all over again. 

When I first heard about The Farm, I imagined the worst in the eating department. I was going to eat grass, soya and nuts. That afterwards, I would have to run to the nearest Max's and eat all the fried chicken I can stuff myself with. 

But you know what?? I ACTUALLY LOVED the food!!! It's not at all what I feared! They were very good! So good that I am craving for some now. Especially the breakfast cereal. That's my favorite. 

Aside from the delicious food, we all loved the scenery, fresh air, birds chirping and friendly staff. And with that said, I will shut up now and show you what you are missing if you haven't been to 
The Farm at San Benito.

Thank you to my Yap Family for this wonderful weekend of health, relaxation and joy! 

MEGA Short or Long?

Was going through all the photos that's posted on the new online magazine of MEGASTYLE.PH and noticed a few similarities in how people wear their long gowns. 

I personally have a hard time thinking of what to wear when the attire calls for a gown. It's always a struggle and my sisters can attest to that. 

Long gowns are tricky. I would rather wear silk chiffon if you ask me but I try to cheat, as much as I can, by wearing jersey. Jersey is just too comfortable to pass up. 

I saw a few photos of women wearing something that's actually short but is considered long. 
Chiffon is the key. 

If you ask me, COMFORT is what counts. 
So my question is: Is wearing shorts or mini-skirt more comfortable than wearing a long skirt? 

If your answer is yes, then what do you think of gowns that is actually...well....both? 

One word for the lady on the right, WHOA! That's neither short-shorts or mini-skirt!!

Congratulations to MEGA for the new online fashion magazine. 
(And for including a photo of JDH and  your bloggerina.)

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

A Frenchy in Old Manila.

JDH and I tried the food in Old Manila because we heard that The Peninsula Manila flew in guest French Chef Patrice Martineau of The Peninsula Tokyo. 

We decided to try out the Business Lunch Special. JDH had the Salmon and I had the chicken. 

Our first course is Marinated scallop with mango-passion fruit chutney, 
spiced watermelon with citrus broth. 

We had a lot of bread because the food took a while....

This is my Champagne poached French heritage red label chicken with celery trio 
and mushroom fricassee. 

JDH's Tasmanian salmon confit with caramelized french fig, lettuce mousseline, 
crispy potato smoked salmon salad. 

Dessert was Apple citrus Vacherin, Granny Smith gelee, cider reduction and 
Calvados chantilly cream. 

Petit fours.