Thursday, June 28, 2012

Gay Versus Becky's.

Ok.....relax lang kayong mga badings. This is not about you. 
I am talking about SANS RIVAL. 

Last night, we had a birthday party and when I tweeted about who has the best sans rival, I got 2 answers. Becky's and Gay Vasquez. 

So I decided to order both and do a survey with my family who are crazy about desserts. 

Gay Vasquez: 
MACADAMIA Sans Rival. P950.00, 7 x 11 x 3 inches.
When I opened the box, it was nice and chilled. The macadamia gave it an expensive and more exotic look. We all know how much these nuts are and there was an abundance of it as topping. 
When I sliced it, it was crunchy perhaps so crunchy that I made a bit of a mess because of the crumbs. 
But once it was out of the box, air did it's work and made the cake chewy and gooey just the way we like it. The macadamia nuts are awesome. Love the combination of everything that makes it....well...Macadamia Sans Rival. 

Sans Rival, P750.00, 8 x 12 x 3 inches. 
Once I opened the box, I saw an aluminum package covered in clear plastic wrap. 
Not very pretty and one of my friends said that PDEA might suddenly come and arrest us because the cake looked like smuggled drugs. 

We were surprised to see peanut brittle as topping. I sliced it and this time, instead of a crunchy texture, it was chewy. A struggle with the knife but that's exactly how some people like it, especially Lucille. 

The thing is, after you have swallowed the cake and the cream, you are still chewing on the peanut brittle which has a very strong flavor. Therefore the sans rival competes with the taste of the brittle. 

We enjoyed both cakes because we truly LOVE Sans Rival but majority voted for 


Gay Vasquez' cake. 
Actually, I vote for GV cake too. 

Next challenge, 
Gave Vasquez' Macadamia sans rival against Delize Pistachio sans rival
I can't wait. 


Gay Vasquez


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Anonymous said...

Thank you Candy for voting for my sansrival! - gay vazquez