Friday, July 6, 2012

Loving Lucy!

Remember this set of photos? It was when Lucy designed a few pieces for Jul Dizon and we manufactured them. 

It was also the first time that I met Ben Chan. 
He actually came to our event and bought something for his mom. 

Sara Black took the photos on site and it is the backdrop made by Junjun Ablaza. 
Hair and make up by Jerome Chang.

2 years later, we did another shoot with Lucy. This time at the studio of Sara Black. All the gowns are by Dennis Lustico. Hair and make up was still by Jerome Chang. 

Just last month, we had another series of photos taken by Sara Black at her studio. Lucy's favorite, Jerome Chang did her hair and make up. Getting together is always filled with laughter but at the end, we always come up with awesome shots! 

I can only show you one for now because the others will be used for another event. 

This dress is by Rajo Laurel. 

Thank you Lucy for being our inspiration in creating beautiful jewellery. 
It is because of your beauty, inside and out, that makes it so easy. 

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