Friday, July 13, 2012

Hermes, Hearts and Crafts.

A few weeks ago, Janina informed us that we were to save a date because Hermes invited her and 3 of her friends to a private screening of Hearts and Crafts. 

When we got to My Cinema, we were offered treats from The Peninsula Manila. 

Apple Martini, truffle popcorn, freshly made sour and cream potato chips and mini burgers were served. 

To celebrate the brand, the roses and popcorn buckets were all orange. 

We took the 7:30 pm slot and felt extremely privileged to have been invited to this event. Thanks Janina. Keep shopping! 

I LOVED HEARTS and CRAFTS!!! It's a documentary about how the artisans that work for Hermes love their job and that each piece that they create is made out of pure dedication to the brand and the love for what they do. 

Such an inspiration. 

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