Friday, October 23, 2015

Morocco, Day 1.

Nine years ago, I went to Europe. I took so many photos and came back home not knowing what to do with them. My friends were asking me all about the trip and would want to know recommendations about where to stay, what to see and even where to dine. That's when I realized that I should start a blog. Because Candy Says So was put up and Candifier was born. 

As some of you may know, I just got back from my Moroccan trip a week ago. Again, my iPhoto says that I brought home 1,300 photos. The next coming weeks (or months, depending on my mood), I will be posting my Morocco experience. Hopefully, some of you may pick up ideas, get inspired and seriously take my advise. 

TravelLife Magazine invited some friends to join the group and so almost all that you will see on here are places that Christine Cunanan arranged for us to visit. 

Our first stop was Casablanca as that is our point of entry. Etihad flies from Manila-Abu Dhabi-Casablanca. When we touched down, I realized that perhaps our airport (before renovation) was not the worst in the world. 

Anyway, we went to a very famous restaurant called Rick's Cafe. It is inspired by the movie Casablanca. Though it never was never filmed in Morocco, the owner, an American, decided to bring the theme to the city. It is nice an interesting place but the food was not good at all. Though it is a famous tourist spot, I feel that you can skip it as there are so many more beautiful places to see.

Rick's Cafe. 

Before lunch, we went to Hassam II Mosque. Now this is a must. Though we were told that it is the the third world's largest mosque in the world, Wikipedia says it is the 7th but is definitely the largest in Africa and Morocco. 

"The building was commissioned by King Hassan II to be the most ambitious structure ever built in Morocco. It was designed by the French architect Michel Pinseau who had lived in Morocco, and was constructed by the civil engineering group Bouygues.
Work commenced on July 12, 1986, and was conducted over a seven-year period. Construction was scheduled to be completed in 1989 ready for Hassan II's 60th birthday. During the most intense period of construction, 1400 men worked during the day and another 1100 during the night. 10,000 artists and craftsmen participated in building and beautifying the mosque. However, the building was not completed on schedule which delayed inauguration. The formal inauguration was subsequently chosen to be the 11th Rabi' al-awal of the year 1414 of the Hegira, corresponding to 30 August 1993, which also marked the eve of the anniversary of Prophet Muhammad’s birth. It was dedicated to the Sovereign of Morocco." - Wikipedia

The ceiling of the mosque opens up to let the sun in. They only open it during special occasions and can't leave it open for tourists because of the bird poop they have to clean up afterwards.

Off to the side of this wonderful structure is an underground Turkish Bath. 

I have about a hundred more photos of this mosque but you just really have to see it up close to see this wondrous structure. 

That's all for now, stay tuned for more. 

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Miss Izadora in Jul Dizon Jewellery.

Aside from being such a great model, thank you for the friendship. Love ya!!!

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

The Power Issue, Lifestyle Asia!

Thank you to the whole team of Lifestyle Asia for including us in the Power Issue! We are delighted and honored by it. 

To all our friends and family, please grab your copy now. 

The Power Issue, October 2015.

Jul Dizon's Anniversary Show.

I will be honest. The LAZY bug has bitten me and it has bitten me HARD. My desire to blog is mostly affected by it. Actually, in the past couple of months, I thought that I really had nothing to write about anyway as I was living a Lola life. Home by 8, in bed by 9 and that pretty much summed up my daily life. That was how it seemed to be until I decided to clean out my iPhoto and saw my thousands of photos that I still have to share with you. 

So ok, here I am, making it up to Candifier, so please forgive me if I back track to July 2015 as I try to renew my passion for blogging. 

Our July Anniversary show was held on the first of July of this year at EDSA Shangri-la Hotel. I had asked my dear friend Robert Blancaflor to style the Garden Ballroom and just make it look pretty as he usually does. 

We truly love your work. 
Janina, Lucille, Robert and yours truly. 

The room was divided based on us four designers. 

Ginny Dizon

Lucille Dizon

Your bloggerina

Janina Dizon-Hoschka (and family)

My lovely muse, Lucy T. Gomez.

Cenen Dizon and LTG

The power of white. Patrice, Maureen, Daniel and Kai. 

Wavy hair duo, Paul and Dennis. 

My Daddy-O and my darling, Rajo. 

Tita Clare and Anna. 

We love how Ria Bolivar wears Jul Dizon. 

Joanna, Bea and Janina.

Salome knows how to bring it. 

Vivian, Joan and Grace.

The Gotaos welcomes Dad into their clique. 

Tessa Prieto and the GM of EDSA Shangri-la Hotel, Mr. Amit Oberoi.

To all that came and showed support and love, THANK YOU so very much from the Dizon family.