Monday, September 23, 2013

Jammin' with Janina!

Actually, we didn't. Jam with Janina, I mean. 

What we did do was to drink. Drank lots and lots with her to celebrate her birthday a few days ago. 

Salon De Ning was the chosen party place and boy did we party like animals. 

Honestly? We didn't. Party like animals, I mean. 

Call time was 9 pm. Yes, 9 pm in Salon De Ning is a bit lola-like but hey, we admit it, we can't do those 1 am to 4 am parties anymore. 

So 9 it was when we all gathered and drinks were passed around like it was the last night of the world. Javi Testa made sure we were all taken care of even if he had a rough night the night before (long story). 

Anyway, by 11 pm, we were done and a half. I was lying on the couch with my legs up ready to doze off but Poma was busy giving me a lap dance so I had to stay awake for that. 

I tried to take photos of everyone who came. I do hope that I didn't miss anyone. 

Anyway, Happy Happy Birthday to my lovely sister, Janina. 

Fifi was the ultimate photo bomber of the night. 

Nice one James!

Thank you to Peninsula Manila for always taking care of us Dizons.

The Minena Madness.

It was a party of two months in the making. We, Christine, Pat and I couldn't decide where to have it. I made reservations in numerous places but ended up canceling them because Minena would often tell us that she didn't want to have a big party. 

We ended up in C's house which is always a pleasure because of the comfort level. 

Flats, best of pot luck food and drink all you can without embarrassing yourself. 

I was given the task of decorating the place. As I knew the house too well to be well decorated as it is, all I did was set the table with my white lanterns, white cloth and live plants in white wooden boxes. Just added a lot of candles and BAM, my work is done. Not sure if Robert Blancaflor will approve but I had to work with something easy and quick. 

The task was to finish all this. The Yaps told me that that would be too easy. And true enough, they were opening up more bottles after dinner. 

We definitely did not finish this one. In all honesty, WHO THE HECK orders a full grown lechon for just 15 people? Yes, you guessed right, Christine. 

Always a pleasure having my Joy Luck Club around. As I type this, a smile comes to my face because we will all meet up again tonight! Another food fest in a matter of minutes! 

Happy Birthday Minena!! Love you!

Dennis Lustico Bags It!

Photo by

I am an avid supporter of local products. I love it when someone I know, including my own company, gets to be noticed outside the country because of their artistic creations and I am only too happy to brag about it here in 

The latest collection that I just fell off my chair over is the bag line of my good friend, Dennis Lustico. 
It has been years since he started making bags but this week, this particular collection will be shown in 
Fashion Access at the Hong Kong Convention Center
this September 25-27, 2013. 

The Rain Clutch Collection. 

The TIKOG-Mat Collection with colorful patterns and unique clear acrylic handles is something that Dennis can proudly represent in the global fashion industry as 100% handwoven from the Philippines. 

All bags from the TIKOG Collection vary from 13-17 inches long. 

From the successful business of haute couture, this line of bags/totes that scream 
will surely make a BANG in the fashion industry all over the world. 

For orders, email:

Bergamo Does it With Class.

With twenty years of experience living and working in Manhattan, New York, Mel M. Meer decided to pack his bags and head home. Armed with the knowledge gained from running and managing his own fashion boutique, complemented with his experience working as a financial consultant, a CPA and an Interior Designer, Mel came back to Manila and soon after established the brand Bergamo in December 1986.

Named after one of the most nostalgic cities in Italy, Bergamo was first launched at the Greenbelt Mall in Ayala Center, Makati City. Initially, Bergamo brandished designer clothing for both men and women. However over the course of the brands’ operations, the company soon found its niche and forte in the premium men’s tailoring and made-to- measure industry. Through the years, the brand has built a name and a reputation that is now synonymous to well-crafted, high-quality, and personalized men’s formal and office wear including tuxedos, suits, dinner jackets, blazers, trousers, and the official formal Filipino national costume the Barong Tagalog.

After more than twenty six years of existence, Bergamo can presently be found in four strategic locations around Manila. In addition, the company employs a highly-competent, experienced and skillful workforce composed of sales associates, a master-cutter, and expert tailors and sewers, many of whom have been with company from its inception.

For 2013, with the quest for continuous self-improvement and growth, Bergamo has brought in well-renowned and highly-regarded Filipino Designer Mr. Dennis Lustico as Creative Director to inject new designs and ideas to update and modernize the look of the brand. Further, the company has forged agreements with a number of premium, high-end imported fabric and textile brands such as Loro Piana, Lanificio Cerruti and Thomas Mason for Bergamo to use their cloths for our bespoke and made-to-order needs.

As been the case from the start, moving forward, Bergamo will continually strive to offer our clientele the best in service and quality, ensuring that Bergamo’s tailoring standards are always upheld for the brand to remain synonymous with well-made and well-crafted formal and office menswear.

To provide the discerning and discriminating man a place for high-quality, well-crafted and stylish formal and office attire made by expert sewers and tailors in a well designed and well-maintained environment staffed by a highly competent and experienced sales force.

Two weeks ago, I was invited to a private dinner by Mr. Mel Meer to see the latest collection of Bergamo. I was told by Dennis Lustico, creative director, that 11 hot male models were going to walk the ramp. Since it was also directed by Robby Carmona, I would only be too stupid to miss it. 

Have always loved the way Mel Meer fixed his home. 


The handsome and intelligent David Celdran hosted the event. 

Congratulations Mr. Mel Meer for a wonderful evening filled with Bergamo surprise!

Who's your MOMMA??? 

Super crushing on this one.