Thursday, September 5, 2013

Hello Kitty Party at Jollibee!!

I want to thank Jollibee for throwing me a party. Late as it may be, it is ALWAYS a great idea to have a party at Jollibee, especially when the theme is HELLO KITTY!

It was long overdue (had to postpone because of the weather) but last night, it finally happened. With last minute texting, FB messaging and direct messaging, I was able to gather 18 of my sisters and friends to celebrate my (hopefully) last birthday party for 2013. It is 2 months past after all. 

I asked all the girls to wear a headband and the men to wear something pink. 

I wore both, headband and a pink dress. 

We had the full on shibang! The host did a great job! Everyone joined the games! 
Many thanks to my sponsors, BEABI, CHOCOMANI and GOODY for providing the prizes. 

Of course, with these prizes, everyone wanted to win. 


Of course, my singer-daughter won the game.  Check out the host being so bored counting. HAHAHA!

One thing I learned, you are never too old to have an all adult birthday party in Jollibee. Turns out, everyone had a great time playing the games and eating french fries, spaghetti, chicken, sundae and softdrink! The package that they gave me is approximately P8,000 to P9,000 (good for 30 pax). It includes the food, decor, cake, Jollibee's appearance and giveaways. 

Thank you RED RIBBON for this super cute birthday cake!!!! 

Greenmeadows branch is probably the nicest Jollibee I have ever been to. It's clean and has a pretty decent restroom (always important to me).

The package comes with these awesome loot!!! I super love it! 

After the party, Dr. Jasmine Jamora opened her pop-up clinic to cure all the skin diseases of FIFI. (BWA HA HA!!!)

Thank you for coming! Love you guys!!! 

Special thanks to Marilen Nunez and Dennis Reyes. 


Girly said...

Hello Candy!

Thank goodness I found your blog post! I'll also be celebrating my birthday at Jollibee on Nov 9th! I AM SO LOOKING FORWARD TO IT! HAHA! :)

Thanks for sharing! :)

Meow Opre said...

Oh my I so so love Hello Kitty because she's a cat and she's a theme of PINK! <3 I am so fond of this character that makes me compile stuffs of her like wallpapers and just lately I started a collection of Hello Kitty Birthday Party ideas . I am just so happy I could pick some from your site. Credits will be added dear!
God bless!