Monday, September 23, 2013

The Minena Madness.

It was a party of two months in the making. We, Christine, Pat and I couldn't decide where to have it. I made reservations in numerous places but ended up canceling them because Minena would often tell us that she didn't want to have a big party. 

We ended up in C's house which is always a pleasure because of the comfort level. 

Flats, best of pot luck food and drink all you can without embarrassing yourself. 

I was given the task of decorating the place. As I knew the house too well to be well decorated as it is, all I did was set the table with my white lanterns, white cloth and live plants in white wooden boxes. Just added a lot of candles and BAM, my work is done. Not sure if Robert Blancaflor will approve but I had to work with something easy and quick. 

The task was to finish all this. The Yaps told me that that would be too easy. And true enough, they were opening up more bottles after dinner. 

We definitely did not finish this one. In all honesty, WHO THE HECK orders a full grown lechon for just 15 people? Yes, you guessed right, Christine. 

Always a pleasure having my Joy Luck Club around. As I type this, a smile comes to my face because we will all meet up again tonight! Another food fest in a matter of minutes! 

Happy Birthday Minena!! Love you!

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